Corporate Social Responsibility

Pulsion is fully aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and is committed to working to responsible business practices in all areas of the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility is illustrated by everyone at Pulsion in a number of ways, including:

Taking a sensible approach to the environment and sustainability when considering elements such as waste and pollution.

Working closely with our local community and raising money for worthy causes.

Maintaining fair working practices throughout our organisation including our support of the living wage.


As good corporate citizens, we pride ourselves in taking time to give back to others. Whether this is running a marathon or baking a cake, getting involved in fundraising activities and raising money for good causes is part of our culture.

In 2018, our fundraising activities will centre around one charity, Beatson Cancer Charity in Glasgow. We have a program of activities planned with Beatson and are looking forward to running our own Pulsion fundraising days and taking part in Beatson’s own events in order to raise essential funding for this worthy cause.