Our Product Business

Pulsion’s sister company Fieldimp, specialises in the creation of innovative mobile software for field-based workers looking to simplify their day-to-day working lives.

Fieldimp’s collection of mobile products covers field-based risk assessments, inspections, customer engagement and estimation tools.

Velappity is our field-based data collection mobile app that replaces your paper-based risk assessment and inspection process for field-workers within Facilities, Waste and Environmental management organisations. Quick to deploy and easy to use, Velappity allows you to do the following:


  • Replace your paper-based risk assessment and inspection process with a digital collection form
  • Eliminate the problems that can stem from paper-based form filling
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of your field workforce


Engage n Trade is a mobile application created specifically for the building supplies industry and their trade customers. It allows trade customers to very quickly and easily create their own professional estimates using the building supplier’s products and sent directly to the client. Engage n Trade has been designed specifically to enhance the relationship between the building supplies organisations and their trade customer base resulting in:


  • Increased brand loyalty and spend per customer by delivering a one-stop-shop ‘quote/buy/invoice’ process
  • Improved business efficiency and profitability by taking advantage of mobile e-commerce technology
  • Enhanced insights into buyer behaviours, patterns and trends informing revenue forecasts and stock requirements.

Quilder is a FREE estimation application designed for those in the trade industry. Quilder lets you create your own client quotes, estimates and invoices from your mobile or tablet and has the following features:


  • Search suppliers and obtain prices for thousands of parts from the major UK building suppliers using shopping lists
  • Ability to add in your own parts and labour charges
  • Functionality which can allow you to change your estimate template, view all your estimates and invoices, and manage your customer information