Much like any other business delivering excellent products and services to their clients, we need to continually look at how technology can help us improve efficiency and stay ahead of up and coming trends or legislation, whilst retaining product and service innovation.  No mean feat, however Pulsion’s Technology Steering Committee (TSC) does exactly that.

Meeting every month, the Committee’s objective is to consider areas across our processes, technology stack and people that will help increase efficiency and elevate our way of working:

  • How the delivery of our products and services could be more efficient, whilst retaining our innovative streak.
  • Where we could benefit from efficiency and technology gains through the use of common or advanced software platforms.
  • How to continually develop our employees professionally and technically, and provide the best possible training to our graduates.

The outcomes from this group continue to deliver measureable benefit to the way we work with each other, with our customers and how we use technology as an enabler to digital transformation and mobile working.

As always, we expect a few gems of wisdom along the way so keep visiting our blog for updates.  Feel free to leave a comment below or email us on if you have a question.

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