Business Analysis & Consultancy

Unlocking efficiency – helping organisations to revolutionise how they operate on a day to day basis.

Driving productivity and efficiency from your IT business systems can be challenging – more often than not, organisations are not realising the full potential from their business processes.  Where do you start in order to discover the problem?

Pulsion’s Business Analysis & Consultancy services help SME’s and enterprise organisations uncover business area problems and offer the necessary technology solutions to resolve.  We can assist with:

  • requirements gathering, business analysis and consultancy to help implement a large change programme
  • business process design and/or re-design, feasibility studies and options development
  • integration of a new system or the next release of an existing system

As experts in technology consulting, our Business Analysis & Consultancy team have unrivalled industry experience in uncovering business problems and recommending the most appropriate IT solution.  This results in increased efficiency, cost reduction and ultimately return on your business investment.

For further information on how our consultative approach helps other organisations, read our Case Study.  Alternatively, fill out our contact form, email us or call us on 0141 352 2280 if you have any questions.

Strategy Development

Pulsion’s business analysts will help identify potential changes to your operating business environment and where any investment may be required.  Failure to address such changes can affect your productivity and everyday processes. Pulsion will engage with you in developing your strategy; helping your business to maintain peak performance, avoid potential risks and enjoy return on your technology investment. We will ensure that all of your IT business changes are in line with the mission, objectives and strategy of your organisation, as you continue to grow your business.

Strategy Development

Discovery Workshops

Pulsion can facilitate workshops, supporting your stakeholders to make important decisions.  We will bring focus and direction to each workshop, engaging with your stakeholders to provide comprehensive support on specific projects and to agree on a business plan moving forward.

Discovery Workshops

Requirements Analysis

Our business analysts can work with you to identify options to support your business strategy.  Requirements analysis is critical to the success of systems or software project. Our business analysts will work closely with your organisation to understand your specific requirements and recommend solutions which are a timely and within budget.

requirements Analysis

Functional and Technical Specifications

Depending on your requirements, we can help you build a functional specification, scoping out what the proposed system is to do and how it will work from a user’s perspective. This is an iterative process and as such becomes a ‘living’ component that will evolve over time.  Where required, we can also help you compile a technical specification, detailing the internal implementation of the program such as data structures, relational database models and a choice of programming languages, tools and algorithms.

Functional and Technical Specifications
Pulsion Consultancy

Case Study

Our client was keen to expand their services internationally, requiring rapid development of their business systems. Pulsion’s technical team led the software development project and achieved the international launch date.

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We have been helping businesses create efficiency through the adoption of technology for more than 20 years.

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