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Data has been defined as the new gold in business. The ability to analyse data from a number of business sources has always been key to improving efficiency and profits.

In today’s economic enviornment, accurate information and data is the key to any successful business. Our expertise in building integration and reporting systems makes us well placed to deliver business intelligence solutions.  Furthermore, we can extend your company data to drive artificial intelligence solutions to further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Strategic Planning

Business intelligence systems allow your business to make strategic decisions and objectives based upon comparative reports and data trends identified.

Performance Monitoring

Business intelligence tools such as dashboards and drill-down reports allow key performance indicators to be set and progress against these measures to be monitored. We can help you identify your KPIs and build the correct BI solution to allow ongoing monitoring of your organisations objectives.

One Business View

Data within organisations can often be siloed. Our experience in integrating disparate systems allows us to build business intelligence systems, which bring together a single view of your organisation and its performance against KPIs.


With experience of both on premise and cloud data warehousing our technical staff can put together business intelligence solutions, which range from megabyte to petabyte scale as well as ensuring the best possible performance in reporting times. 


In order to ensure successful application of business intelligence systems, Pulsion make it an upmost priority to provide quality, purpose driven information and data. Therefore, our team help present easy to explain and visually engaging data for your business use and unique storytelling.

Data Quality

Business intelligence solutions are only as good as the data they report on. Our experts have experience in ETL and data cleansing to ensure the highest quality data, allowing you to be confident in the data-driven decisions you’re making.

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