Why Pulsion

At the heart of Pulsion is passion and innovation. Exploring new technologies and constantly striving to achieve more, you are never bored here!

We cover multiple disciplines and encourage our staff to constantly be learning and adaptive to new technologies.

We love welcoming new talent into our team and are excited when people can bring new insights to the business. We are an equal opportunities employer.

Our Culture

We operate a hardworking and friendly office space, where we encourage open communication. Effective team working and ongoing training are also encouraged, so you always have the ability to improve and are not restricted from development opportunities.

We are also dedicated to philanthropic activities and are proactive in our corporate social responsibility. We hold charities such as the Beatson Cancer Charity close to our hearts, hence we often hold events from walkathons, to bake-offs, to pub crawls! Our passion for charity work reflects our values and culture, wanting to make a positive difference.


We aim to ensure our engineers are multi-skilled and to support this ambition, we invest in training and development. As a business, we uphold Gold Microsoft Application Development and Amazon AWS accreditations which require several certified engineers. These programs are open to all of our staff with training time set aside to help you attain the accreditations.

Employee Stories 

Since joining Pulsion in May 2018 I’ve worked on a number of interesting and challenging projects that have expanded the range of technologies and industries I’m familiar with. The company is very keen on upskilling staff and keeping up with technological developments; to this end I’ve attended conferences as well as been given the opportunity and resources to complete Microsoft qualifications. Most of all I appreciate the calm, friendly, and professional environment in the office.


Software Engineer

I LOVE Pulsion and I will always love it! I am incredibly happy at Pulsion and I believe that I got a lucky strike with it! I started at Pulsion as an intern in 2015, then was given a part-time job during my last year of education. I learned a lot about technologies – especially in the field of web development. I worked on ASP.NET, AngularJS, C# and many more. But learning how to use specific technologies was not the only thing that Pulsion taught me! I was lucky to get involved in the whole process of producing a website for a client – from business analysis to deployment. That is incredibly valuable knowledge! People here have been patient and kind to me, and I can’t describe with words how grateful I am for all of the help I received!


Software Engineer

Our Values

Philanthropy & Sustainability

Innovation & Ethics

Friendship & Diversity

Honesty & Respect

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