Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) wanted to improve their users experience and provide relevant and regionally focused content. The aim was to create a website which was separate to the UK wide website already available with a fresh design.

FCS invited several companies within the Public Sector framework to tender for the project which resulted in Pulsion Technology being awarded the contract. A tailored solution utilising the Joomla! content management system, with a MySQL database and custom PHP components.

Pulsion worked closely with FCS to fully understand both the technical and branding requirements. A key deliverable of the project was to provide site administration training to FCS publishing staff. The result is a flexible web platform with custom features and a flexible publishing system. The website is more structured, usable, and accessible for the FCS’s end users. The platform is future proofed too – as FCS grows and needs change, the system is flexible enough to change it.

The new site delivered:

  • New and modern website with flexible development options
  • Custom features to integrate into their Joomla content management system and meet FCS’s specific requirements
  • A clear structure, helpful search facility and user friendly navigation options
  • Meets current and emerging business and end user needs
  • Maximise site usability, meet accessibility standards and FCS brand guidelines
  • Cater for mobile users by building a website with a responsive design that alters depending on the size of the user’s screen

Visit the new Forestry Commission Scotland Website at scotland.