The team at MethaMeasure Ltd. were looking to add more features and flexibility to their dispensing and tracking application and their Controlled Drug Register system (CDRx). These solutions are used by pharmacies and clinics across the UK so, of course, it’s essential that they continue to keep them delighted with the level of service provided. Methameasure were also looking for an organisation who could provide ongoing development services and support; they decided to work with Pulsion Technology based on their technical expertise and extensive support capabilities.

Working Together

Pulsion and MethaMeasure worked together to optimise these business-critical systems, utilising Pulsion’s extensive experience of supporting and developing numerous core systems. CDRx was quickly and successfully ported to Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure hosted environment. Additionally, the software was added to Pulsion’s application repository to allow for auditable future development. The dispensing system was simplified from multiple product lines to one single version reducing the software complexity and support overhead. This version can be tailored to the requirements of each MethaMeasure client. As a result of hosting CDRx securely on AWS, MethaMeasure can be flexible with the scalability of their operations, allowing them to increase / decrease users as required.

Pulsion’s skilled technical team encourages a collaborative approach with MethaMeasure’s team to improve accessibility and speed of implementation for updates.

Collaborative Future

Now that Pulsion has hosting and management control of CDRx and the dispensing & tracking application, the future development of both is being scoped and planned in a collaborative manner with the MethaMeasure team, always taking into account the individual needs of MethaMeasure’s existing and future clients. As MethaMeasure’s usage and growth expands, so the software requirements and underlying infrastructure (and team) grows and adapts with it.

The partnership formed between Pulsion and MethaMeasure continues to evolve and develop MethaMeasure’s systems in order to support the business’growth ambitions and the specific needs of its clients.

About MethaMeasure

MethaMeasure Ltd. is the provider of a computerised methadone dispensing system helping pharmacies, clinics and correctional facilities dispense methadone quickly, accurately and safely.