Long Term Relationship

Pulsion has worked as technology partner with OneSearch for over 15 years acting as a complementary extension to their own internal IT team. Pulsion provide a wide range of software development services, additional technical resource, support and maintenance for OneSearch’s business critical systems.

“We have worked with Pulsion for over 15 years – in that time the relationship has evolved from one of a supplier of technical services to a trusted advisor for our business critical systems. We hold a great deal of trust in Pulsion’s expertise and have always been extremely happy with the quality of service they provide”

More specifically, Pulsion has been instrumental in the evolution of our business critical Certification Management System. This is set to continue as technology advances and the services OneSearch provides to our customers evolve.”

Elizabeth Jarvis, Managing Director, OneSearch

Business Critical System Development

More than 15 years ago, OneSearch were looking for a technology partner to re-develop their existing Certificate Management System (CMS) – a database of property search certificates. The CMS was fundamental to the success of their business in order for OneSearch to remain competitive and deliver a valued service, therefore, continual development and support of the system was important.

OneSearch recognised that a specialist technology partner would be required to recommend the best development approach and support the application of an ongoing basis.

Understanding Core Business Objectives

After working with OneSearch to develop an understanding of their core business objectives, needs and wants, Pulsion illustrated their depth of technical expertise in software development, their flexible support and maintenance offering and their ability to deliver on-time and within budget. Following the re-development of CMS, Pulsion continue to provide ongoing development, support and maintenance of the system.

Ongoing Scalable Support

OneSearch were keen to have access to a wider range of technical skills that could compliment their in-house IT team, especially when considering future developments for their CMS database. OneSearch now work collaboratively with Pulsion’s support and software development team as if they were an extension to their own in-house IT department. Pulsion’s software development team offer advice and guidance around the continual development of CMS to take advantage of technology changes, efficiencies in operation and reduction in system costs.

Lowered Costs & Increased Peace of Mind

OneSearch’s CMS solution was migrated away from a desktop based application to a web solution saving them considerable infrastructure costs overall. OneSearch can also enjoy the peace of mind that their business critical system, CMS, is in safe hands with Pulsion’s support and maintenance service.

As well as supporting CMS, OneSearch and Pulsion continue to work together to help improve their business processes, product offering and compliance/legal changes and are always on the lookout for containing costs and improving efficiency.

About OneSearch

Established in 1992, OneSearch Direct is the largest local search data company in the UK, providing property information and conveyancing search reports to solicitors nationwide. OneSearch Direct were one of the founding members of the Council of Property Search Organisation (CoPSO) and The Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) and have over 20 years’ industry expertise in property and data searches.