The Refugee Council partners with Pulsion Technology to develop an effective case management solution driving efficiency, productivity and reducing the number of legacy asylum cases.  Although IT systems had been in place for a number of years, they weren’t flexible enough to meet growing demands, targets and increased reporting requirements.  Each of the three national Refugee Councils utilised its own system to record data on refugees and had its own procedures in place for how that data should be recorded and processed.  Working in this way meant it was very difficult and time consuming to share information between each organisation.

Streamlining Processes

The Government was facing increasing pressures to reduce the backlog of legacy asylum cases to speed up asylum processing.  In order to achieve this, The Refugee Council had to become more streamlined and efficient. It was vital to engage with an IT partner who could develop a system that would allow all three bodies to share information and to record refugee data in a more efficient manner. Following a competitive tendering process, Pulsion Technology was awarded a contract to provide a Join Client Database, known as JCDB, to the UK’s three national Refugee councils as a pilot project to test the system with a small section of users.

Following the success of this pilot scheme, Pulsion was asked to extend the system for roll-out across all the English, Scottish and Welsh Refugee Councils.  Using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technologies, Pulsion created a case management system to enable The Refugee Council to process applications from asylum seekers and to give them help and advice to refugees. The single case management system was used for the whole organisation, creating efficiencies and synergies that previously were impossible.

Key Benefits for The Refugee Council

  • Utilising a single case management system for the whole organisation allowed the three bodies to share information, driving efficiency and increasing productivity
  • Backlogs of legacy asylum cases were reduced

About The Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is one of the United Kingdom’s leading charities working with refugees and asylum seekers. The organisation gives refugees a voice, using its direct work as an evidence base. The Refugee Council collaborates with a range of partners to ensure it can offer the best support possible. In the UK there are three national refugee councils, one operating in Scotland, one in England and one in Wales.