Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland Originally, there was only one Forestry Commission website that covered the UK. In order to improve the user experience and to provide the user with the most relevant information, Forestry Commission Scotland decided to create its own separate website with a new design and a modern and flexible IT solution. Aims and Objectives The main aims and objectives of the project were to:

  • Implement a new, modern website system with flexible development options; Joomla!
  • Create custom features to integrate into the Joomla content management system and meet FCS’s specific requirements
  • Create a clear structure, helpful search facility and user friendly navigation options to help users to find the information they are looking for
  • Provide a fit-for-purpose platform for meeting current and emerging business and end user needs over the medium term
  • Maximise site usability, meet accessibility standards and FCS brand guidelines
  • Cater for mobile users by building a website with a responsive design that alters depending on the size of the user’s screen

FCS was looking to engage with an IT partner who could redevelop the existing website onto a new flexible web platform, with an new front-end design and improved user experience. It would be vital for the chosen partner to work closely with Forestry Commission Scotland so to fully understand both the technical and branding requirements. A key deliverable of the project was also to provide site administration training to FCS publishing staff. FCS invited several companies within the Public Sector framework to tender for the project which resulted in Pulsion Technology being awarded the contract. A Tailored Solution Utilising the Joomla! content management system, version 2.5 with a MySQL database and custom PHP components,

Pulsion built FCS a flexible web platform with custom features so to meet with all the requirements. Having a flexible publishing system allows FCS’s publishing team to be more productive and focused on giving the user a fulfilling experience. The website is more structured, usable, and accessible for the FCS’s end users. Pulsion has built the system with the future in mind, ensuring that, as the FCS grows and needs change, the system is flexible enough to change with it.

Visit the new Forestry Commission Scotland Website at scotland.

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