Pulsion partners with its clients to deliver optimal innovative digital, mobile and artificial intelligence solutions

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Pulsion is committed to producing high standard services and products, whilst constantly innovating and getting ahead of new technologies.

Software Development

Working collaboratively with you to deliver creative software solutions that will make a real difference to productivity and efficiency


Developing superior websites that are accessible across devices, browsers and operating systems.


Utilising high quality UX/UI design and technical prowess to create efficient, optimally functional mobile applications


Our experts can help you to migrate or integrate existing enterprise systems on to the cloud, to build scalable and secure applications.

Business Intelligence

Building integration and reporting systems that improve efficiency and reduce costs, with our expert team.

Artificial Intelligence

With passion and proficiency, our experts develop AI solutions that optimise and improve your business offerings

“We hold a great deal of trust in Pulsion’s expertise and have always been extremely happy with the quality of service they provide.”

Elizabeth Jarvis, OneSearch Direct

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How effective are Chatbots to your business?

You know them, you’ve probably seen them on multiple company websites you stumble upon, the chatbot. “Hi there, can I help?”. Chatbots have become the new way to interact with your customers and they provide many benefits. This blog will particularly look at some of...

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Why projects fail. Part I

Paul McAteer, Head of Project Delivery, Pulsion Technology If you have spent any length of time within the IT Industry, you could probably point to a project that you know of that has failed. Some have done so more spectacularly than others, with the occasional few...

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Standardising on a front-end JavaScript Framework, Part III

By Scott Miller, Senior Software Engineer, Pulsion Technology This 3-part blog series was created during the course of investigating which JavaScript front-end framework we should standardise on, with Part I considering the merits and pitfalls of Angular and Part II...

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