Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

Hire WordPress developers skilled and experienced in WordPress plugin development, WordPress websites, and WordPress themes to meet your WordPress development needs. A dedicated WordPress developer ensures your business scales to achieve unique business goals.

We understand that your business demands and the intricacies of software development often necessitate the engagement of committed experts. Our ensemble of seasoned WordPress developers is at your disposal to propel your growth, offering an economical solution to your software and web development requirements. Embrace our tailored outsourced development models, designed specifically with your unique needs in mind, ensuring your projects not only meet but exceed expectations.

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What Is WordPress Development?

WordPress development is the practice of building software, a website, or a custom website with WordPress. WordPress developers use an open-source platform to design, build, develop, and maintain some of the most popular websites and software systems.

The WordPress market share shows that there are 1.98 billion WordPress-based websites on the internet as of 2024. WordPress development involves designing the back and front-end stacks for full-stack software or website development.

WordPress is one of the most widely used open-source platforms to get blogs, websites, and services online while letting developers easily manage the system from any computer. WordPress usage is also the leading open-source resource in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Brazil in 2024.

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Full-Time Engagement

This includes:

Duration: 20 days allocated per month. Minimum commitment of 3 months

Working Hours: 7.5 hours per day

Communication: Email and Microsoft Teams, as well as telephone for escalation to management

Billing: Monthly invoicing for a streamlined process (only billed for time used)

Project Management: Escalation and regular monitoring of project time consumption and budget usage

Part-Time Engagement

This includes:

Duration: 8-10 days allocated per month. Minimum commitment of 3 months

Working Hours: 7.5 hours per day

Communication: Email and Microsoft Teams, as well as telephone for escalation to management

Billing: Monthly invoicing for a streamlined process (only billed for time used)

Project Management: Escalation and regular monitoring of project time consumption and budget usage

Hire Dedicated Web, Mobile App, & WordPress Developers Customised to Your Business Requirements

Skilled developers from a trusted software development company make all the difference in your WordPress development project. Pulsion Technology is a proud AWS and Azure partner in Scotland and ISO 9001- ISO/IEC 27001 certified. We pride ourselves in our WordPress development services.

Whether you’re looking for reliable support via a full-time arrangement, adaptable asset on a part-time basis, or immediate assistance on-demand, Pulsion’s hiring frameworks are meticulously framed to dovetail seamlessly with your business goals. Below are some of our other related Services you might find beneficial:

1. Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Transform your mobile app concepts into reality with our specialised developers. Prioritising prompt delivery and superior quality, our team is committed to refining your product to align perfectly with your vision and timelines, including bespoke mobile app solutions.

2. Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

Boost your Android platform presence by engaging our expert Android app developers. With proficiency in cutting-edge Android technology, we promise an app that’s not only innovative but also intuitively user-friendly, meticulously tailored to meet your business requirements.

3. Hire Dedicated iOS Developers

Work alongside our dedicated iOS developers to create outstanding applications for Apple’s ecosystem. By blending technical expertise with an intimate understanding of iOS standards, we ensure your app distinguishes itself within the competitive landscape of the Apple App Store.

4. Hire Website Design & Development Services

Partner with our adept web developers to bring your digital visions to life. We provide bespoke web development services, ensuring your site not only meets but exceeds your business objectives, offering an unparalleled user experience.

5. Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

Enhance your digital footprint with our expert WordPress developers. Renowned for their proficiency in custom WordPress development, they guarantee a site that’s aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, user-centric, and fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements.

6. Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

Leverage the advantages of cross-platform applications with our React Native specialists at Pulsion. Ideal for businesses aiming to utilize React Native for their mobile app development, our team is adept at delivering apps that provide a native-like performance and UX.

Whether your focus is on Android, iOS, or both, our React Native experts ensure your application incorporates the latest functionalities and integrations, seamlessly aligning with your business objectives and user needs. Opting for our React Native services means choosing an efficient, scalable, and forward-thinking solution.

Who Is a Dedicated WordPress Developer?

Highly skilled or dedicated WordPress developers have specialised skills and are often full-stack developers to ensure they can build the website’s necessary back and front-end technology stacks.

WordPress developers are web developers who specialise in building complete sites or software tools with WordPress. Some WordPress skills necessary for full-stack development include the following:

  • Bootstrap, SQL, jQuery, MySQL, and plugin development expertise for backend development.
  • CSS, HTML 5, JavaScript, and Python programming language proficiency.
  • Cybersecurity Excellence to efficiently protect your website or data from cyber attacks.
  • GIT version control tools knowledge for long-term code management.
  • Responsive design, frameworks, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) development.

However, not all WordPress developers are full-stack developers. Here are some job descriptions for other specialised WordPress developer types:

  • E-Commerce Developers – These highly skilled developers create and optimise online stores.
  • Plugin Developers – They specialise in extending the functionality of your WordPress website.
  • Security Experts – They regularly implement security measures and update your website.
  • Theme Developers – They create or customise WordPress themes for web development.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers?

WordPress developers have much-needed soft skills and provide dedicated support from specialised skill sets. The benefits of hiring dedicated WordPress developers include the following:

  • On-point communication and collaboration to match the developer’s soft skills.
  • Access to specialised development skills for front-end and back-end development.
  • Competitive pricing on an open-source system compared to other software development types.
  • Custom functionality and custom plugins or tools are integral to WordPress development.
  • Technical SEO optimisation that complies with SEO best practices for your site’s structure.
  • Site code optimisation for general speed, performance, and improved page loading times.
  • The potential to develop a mobile website with fully responsive features.
  • SEO plugin integration and configuration to optimise on-page elements.
  • Impressive security integrations, including firewalls, SSL certificates, and malware scanning.
  • Better content management with a logical hierarchy and enhanced user navigation.

Dedicated WordPress Developer Hiring Models at Pulsion

Also, we offer three dedicated developer hiring models to meet your business needs. Our well-versed developers tackle any difficult task with a clear idea of what the business wants or needs.

1. Extended Team Augmentation Model

Our first WordPress hiring model lets you hire WordPress programmers to complement an on-site team when you need expertise outside your team’s skills, like developing SEO-optimised plugins.

Hire a WordPress developer to work on-site with your team and offer specific expertise and support. However, this Pulsion hiring model has limitations regarding time zone differences.

When to choose this kind of extended team model

  • When you need to hire dedicated developers for a temporary skills infusion.
  • When you have intensive short-term projects that don’t warrant adding permanent staff.
  • When you need to use a specific programming language that your in-house team isn’t familiar with.

2. Project-Based Dedicated Development Model

Our second hiring model lets you hire dedicated WordPress developers to handle the entire project as an outsourced WordPress team, which works perfectly for different time zones.

Businesses set the project scope with our project manager, agree on the deliverables, and give us a clear idea of what the WordPress web sites should do for the company.

When to choose this project development model

  • When you have a well-defined project, with identified timelines, milestones and end goals.
  • When you need to keep costs fixed – you’ll typically pay a flat rate per project.
  • When the project requires a dedicated developers team that you don’t have time to manage yourself.

3. Full Managed Team Model

A full-managed team from Pulsion means you’d hire a WordPress developer team to work on your business premises. The model includes access to our developers and a project manager.

Our dedicated digital consultants will deliver a team with the expertise you need for specific WordPress projects, including UX developers, UI developers, and full-stack developers.

When to the choose the dedicated team model

  • When you have a large or complex project that requires a diverse range of skills and designations.
  • When you don’t have the in-house software developers or skills to take on the project.
  • When you need a dedicated project manager in addition to the actual development and don’t want to divert internal resources, or don’t have any development managers.

How To Tell If You Need to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

When it comes to WordPress development, identifying when to engage dedicated WordPress developers is key for seamless project execution and achieving your digital goals. Here’s how to identify when it’s time to bring expert WordPress developers on board:

  1. Skill Gaps in WordPress Development: If your in-house team lacks specialised WordPress expertise for creating or enhancing your website, it’s a clear sign to hire dedicated WordPress professionals. This ensures your project is in knowledgeable hands, avoiding the steep learning curve and potential missteps of non-specialists.
  2. Long-Term WordPress Projects: For ongoing WordPress initiatives where committing to full-time in-house roles isn’t viable, dedicated WordPress developers offer the perfect solution. You gain access to a specialised team focused solely on your project, without the overhead of permanent hires.
  3. Projects with Flexible Requirements: WordPress projects that evolve over time, with requirements that might expand or change, benefit greatly from dedicated developers. With a fixed engagement cost, you safeguard your budget against unexpected expenditures, ensuring financial predictability.
  4. Adopting Agile Methodologies: In the dynamic realm of WordPress development, agility is paramount. Dedicated WordPress teams bring the flexibility to iterate rapidly, aligning with agile methodologies that emphasise continuous improvement and adaptability. This approach not only accelerates development cycles but also facilitates concurrent testing, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing time to launch.

By recognizing these scenarios, you can make an informed decision to hire dedicated WordPress developers, ensuring your project is executed with the highest level of expertise and efficiency.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers From Pulsion?

Pulsion has been around for more than a decade, actually three. Additionally, hire developers from Pulsion for the following reasons:

Our WordPress expertise originates from a diverse team and offers unique web sites solutions.

Best themes and plugins recommendations to make your WordPress website stand out.

Business content and CMS migration with plugins to our cloud hosting partners.

Dedicated team management in the right hiring model makes collaboration a dream.

Professional project management from our WordPress experts is a top priority.

We prioritise your business needs by integrating cutting-edge technologies, even for a blog.

We tackle any difficult task, regardless of the time zone suitable for businesses or clients.

Performance and security testing to ensure a safe and user-friendly website.

Continuous WordPress support, maintenance, and troubleshooting from a Pulsion developer.

Choosing the Right Dedicated WordPress Development Team Model for Your Business Needs

For expansive or prolonged WordPress endeavors, the dedicated development team model stands out as the most fitting choice. This strategy involves entrusting the full scope of your project’s development to an external partner with WordPress expertise. Such a partnership is characterized by a collaborative effort to assemble the ideal team tailored to your project’s unique demands, encompassing dedicated WordPress developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, and UX/UI designers.

This model affords you the autonomy to handpick each team member, thereby guaranteeing a bespoke team composition that aligns precisely with your project requirements and aspirations.

The Advantages of a Dedicated WordPress Development Team

Hiring a dedicated development team comes with many advantages:

Rapid Talent Acquisition – Gain immediate access to a diverse pool of skilled WordPress developers.

Seasoned WordPress specialists bring profound expertise to their craft, ensuring swift and efficient delivery.

When you engage WordPress developers, you achieve optimal scalability, ensuring you maintain the perfect balance of resources eliminating the risks of understaffing or incurring unnecessary overheads when they’re not required.

The on-demand nature of hiring WordPress developers offers cost-effectiveness by ensuring you pay only for the expertise you require, exactly when you need it.

A dedicated WordPress development team enhances business collaboration, drawing on their collective experience from numerous projects. They are adept at fostering effective communication and cooperation with your internal team, ensuring a harmonious and productive working relationship.

Dedicated WordPress development teams possess robust internal management structures to guarantee the timely progression and success of your project.

A dedicated WordPress team can seamlessly integrate with your company’s work culture, bringing a wealth of experience from collaborating across various organizations and environments.

By hiring dedicated WordPress developers as part of a team, you retain full oversight of the production process, allowing for adjustments to project specifications without affecting the workload of your internal resources.

How to Hire a WordPress Developer – 8 Step Guide

Venturing into hiring dedicated WordPress resources for the first time can be daunting. To guide you through this process, here’s a concise checklist of crucial steps to follow:

Analyse Your Business Needs and Define Your Project Scope

Clearly outline your WordPress project’s requirements, objectives, and expected outcomes. Understanding the scope will help you identify the skills and expertise needed in your dedicated team.

Find and Interview Vendors Using Platforms and Research Potential Partners

Look for reputable agencies or freelancers with a proven track record in WordPress development. Check their portfolios, client testimonials, and case studies.

GitHub | ClutchStack Overflow | Upwork

Check Recent Development and Evaluate Technical Skills

Assess the technical competencies of potential team members. Ensure they have experience with WordPress themes, plugins, customizations, and the latest WordPress trends and technologies.

Consider Communication Skills

Effective communication is key to a successful collaboration. Evaluate their ability to communicate ideas clearly and their proficiency in your preferred language.

Discuss Availability and Time Zones

Ensure the dedicated team’s availability aligns with your project timeline. Consider time zone differences and how they might impact collaboration.

Understand Their Workflow and Tools

Familiarise yourself with the team’s development workflow, project management tools, and collaboration platforms to ensure compatibility with your processes.

Clarify Legal and Financial Terms

Discuss and agree on contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), payment terms, and other legal and financial details to ensure transparency and protect your interests.

Set Up Regular Check-ins

Establish a schedule for regular updates and feedback sessions to keep the project on track and address any issues promptly.

How Do We Approach Your WordPress Development Project?

The hiring process is always challenging. It helps to know how our development process works before outsourcing your development needs to our WordPress developers.

Only hire dedicated WordPress experts from a company with a structured software development life cycle (SDLC). It helps to have a WordPress developer collaborate with you in a structured system.

You’ll experience our SDLC when you hire WordPress developers to complete your WordPress development process. Skilled WordPress developers from Pulsion follow our SDLC closely.

Phase 1: Project Planning

Hire WordPress developers who work with project managers in the project planning phase to properly do market research. It’s the first step a WordPress developer from our team takes to define the project scope, goals, and purpose.

Phase 2: Requirements Engineering

Hire WordPress developers who gather and analyse the project requirements before developing anything. Our WordPress developers use the benefits of our handy online tool called Requiment.

Phase 3: Document WordPress Requirements

A dedicated WordPress developers team thrives better on specifications detailed in a project requirements document. Always hire WordPress developers who work from a specifications document.

Phase 4: Design a WordPress Website or Mobile-Friendly Website

A WordPress developer or designer uses their skills to design the information architecture for your specific WordPress website or mobile platform.

Phase 5: Develop the WordPress Site or Mobile Platform

WordPress programmers start developing the project for web development or mobile apps, using the most common programming languages, like Python, HTML, or CSS.

with your project timeline. Consider time zone differences and how they might impact collaboration.

Phase 6: WordPress Site Security Testing

Hire dedicated WordPress designers who double as security experts to ensure your WordPress project protects your data and user information.

Phase 7: WordPress Site Deployment

WordPress professionals deploy the final WordPress website or mobile platform. Hire WordPress developers who follow the project scope for this to happen when it should.

Phase 8: WordPress Support and Maintenance

Even WordPress websites and apps need support and maintenance from a dedicated WordPress development team. Hire WordPress developers who offer post-deployment support and maintenance.

Even WordPress websites and apps need support and maintenance from a dedicated WordPress development team. Hire WordPress developers who offer post-deployment support and maintenance.

Begin to Interview Potential WordPress Developers

When engaging with a dedicated WordPress development company, it’s crucial to first convey your business objectives with precision and clarity. Continuously gauge if the team comprehends your goals, urging them to seek further clarification if needed. Scrutinise the proposed developers’ expertise in WordPress, probing into their previous successes and experiences. Additionally, delve into their historical performance and, where feasible, secure references to validate their claims.

By the conclusion of the interview, you should have unequivocally communicated your requirements and gained a comprehensive understanding of how the WordPress development company intends to fulfill your objectives efficiently and to a high standard.

What to Avoid When Hiring WordPress Developers

Hire dedicated teams by avoiding the most common mistakes. Amateurs cost much less than dedicated developers or designers in the short term but more in the long run. You might have to fix mistakes, remove unnecessary plugins, or rewrite code an underskilled developer used for your website.

Don’t compromise quality and value for a cheaper developer. Instead, hire someone who makes you feel confident. Also, don’t hire more dedicated developers than necessary. A trusted company won’t add more designers and developers than your project needs.

Summing Up Hiring WordPress Developers

Hire the right developer from a trusted software development company in the UK. You won’t regret your climb into success when you hire a top developer from our team.

Let us provide the developer you need to fulfill the ideal WordPress development for a blog, e-commerce website, or online services page. Contact us today to discuss dedicated WordPress needs.

Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers FAQS

We take our contracts seriously and prioritise your developer needs to ensure you get the services you paid for at Pulsion. Your developer is dedicated to your WordPress needs as long as they’re contracted to you, but they also offer support and maintenance after development ends.

The “hire WordPress developer” debate also considers whether a remote WordPress developer will work for your needs. Outsourcing your developer needs for WordPress to a trusted company like ours guarantees results and collaboration. However, outsourcing to a freelance developer may have setbacks.

Outsourcing your WordPress development needs to a freelance developer without contractual commitments can pose a few challenges. Here are some disadvantages of uncontracted or unprofessional remote WordPress developers:

  • The project scope may not be well-defined
  • A lack of structure may lead to project overruns
  • Time management isn’t critical without contracts
  • Collaboration and communication may fail
  • Your business goals may not be met
  • You could be left in the dark throughout the life cycle

Yes, when you hire dedicated developers, the project agreement will usually contain a provision for continued support once you’re system has been implemented.

The Dedicated Developer Model involves hiring developers who work exclusively on your project, akin to your own employees. This model offers greater focus, customisation, and flexibility compared to traditional outsourcing.

Pulsion’s dedicated model emphasises close collaboration, transparency, and alignment with your business objectives, contrasting with traditional overseas outsourcing which might focus more on cost-saving and less on personalised service.

Quality Assurance (QA) is typically the responsibility of the dedicated development team. They ensure the product meets your requirements and standards. However, roles can be adjusted based on the project agreement.

Direct communication with your dedicated developers is usually facilitated through various communication tools and platforms, ensuring smooth and transparent interaction.

Dedicated developers can work on both new applications and existing codebases, helping to introduce new features or improve functionality as required by your project demands.

Yes, you can find developers with expertise in specific technologies or programming languages. Dedicated development services often cater to such needs to ensure the right fit for your project.

The notice period on a dedicated developer contract can vary. It’s typically defined in the agreement, ensuring both parties have clear expectations regarding contract adjustments or termination.

Developers’ qualifications can include formal education, certifications, and practical experience. Quality assurance is ensured through a rigorous selection process, continuous training, and performance monitoring.

Measures to avoid conflict of interest include non-disclosure agreements, data segregation, and dedicated teams for clients from competitive sectors, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Pulsion’s dedicated development service options can range from individual developers to full-scale teams, customisable to project size, duration, and complexity.

If an engineer’s performance is unsatisfactory, the issue is addressed through feedback and performance improvement plans. Replacement options are also available if necessary.

Yes, you can hire WordPress developers for a single project. This flexibility allows for short-term engagements tailored to specific project needs.

Yes, hiring just one WordPress developer is possible, offering a solution for smaller projects or specific tasks that require specialised skills.

Pulsion works with many companies, from startups to large enterprises, utilising dedicated developer services to leverage specialised skills and scale their development efforts as needed.

Hiring dedicated WordPress developers from Pulsion provides access to a vetted talent pool, ensuring high-quality development, alignment with your project goals, and a collaborative approach to software development.

Depending on the agreement, developers can work onsite with your team, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment with your internal processes and culture.

Yes, Pulsion’s developers regularly update their skills and knowledge. Our developers are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the latest technology through continuous learning, training, and professional development opportunities.

Pulsion can accommodate time zone preferences, ensuring developers can collaborate effectively with your team and maintain productivity.

Yes, all of Pulsion’s developers are proficient in English, some also speak Italian, ensuring clear and effective communication with clients from around the world.

Pulsion takes data security and confidentiality seriously. We employ robust security protocols and ensure compliance with industry standards to protect your data and intellectual property.

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