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Don’t waste time and resources on a poorly thought out solution. Complete a Digital Strategy Consultation with us to determine how to best reach your business’ goals.
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What is a Digital Consultation?

The digital strategy consultation is where we at Pulsion examine your business and work with you to recommend a digital solution.

You can then take this solution and either work with us to achieve your business goals, work on implementing the solution yourself or consider using another supplier. The choice is yours – there is no obligation.

Our Approach

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We get to know you, your business, and your desired outcomes so we understand exactly what you’re looking for.

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A deep dive into what makes your business tick and assessment of potential solutions to move on to identify what’s right for your business.


You are presented with our suggested solution so you can take this forward and reach your business goals.


16 Days Discovery



8 Days Discovery



5 Days Discovery


What’s Included?

Workshop FeaturePioneerExploreNavigate
Workshop Duration1 day0.5 day0.5 day
Understanding Your Challenge and Goals
Requirements Review
MoSCoW Analysis
Q&A of the Requirments
Lunch Provided
Define Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Wire-framing Session
Q&A Session

What Will I Get?

Workshop OutputPioneerExploreNavigate
Design Output of Your MVPInteractive PrototypeInteractive PrototypeWireframes
Follow Up Session0.5 Day WorkshopMeetingMeeting
ProposalDetailed with Case Studies and ReferencesDetailedBasic
Dedicated Project Manager for Discovery Phase

Who Will Be There?

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Project Manager
Senior UX/UI Designer
Senior Software Developer
Lead Software Developer

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    Working with Pulsion has been a great experience – its a collaborative partnership. The discovery sessions have enabled us to collaboratively develop an initial set of requirements into a well defined specification for building new services for our digital community which will be fundamental to our growth.

    Brian Hills, CEO of The Data Lab

    What Pulsion’s Digital Strategy Consulting Team Can Do For You

    In today’s high-stakes business environment, the adoption of digital technologies and innovative solutions is imperative, not optional, for companies looking to stay ahead. It’s crucial for enhancing current operations and seizing new opportunities to evolve and achieve enduring growth.

    Yet, the path to successful digital transformation is fraught with challenges. Statistics suggest that a staggering 70% of digital projects fall short of their goals due to a variety of issues such as conflicting priorities, scalability challenges, misalignment of processes or key performance indicators, among others. At Pulsion Technology, we’re acutely aware of these potential stumbling blocks and are committed to guiding our clients past them.

    Our expertise lies in the realms of technology, data analytics, cultural and procedural shifts. Leveraging our comprehensive understanding and practical industry insights, we collaborate with our clients to formulate, design, and implement bespoke digital strategies. These strategies are tailored to not only meet immediate business needs but also to equip our clients to proactively address future disruptions, harness the power of data and technology, and carve out new avenues for growth that set them apart from the competition.

    Pulsion Technology offers targeted assistance to help you formulate and execute the digital strategies essential for achieving your business objectives, addressing key questions such as:


    • How to unearth new revenue streams to fuel growth?
    • How can technology and data be harnessed to reinvent your business model?
    • What steps are needed for digital transformation, and how can future business ventures be developed beyond the core activities?


    • What are the ways to apply cutting-edge technology to refine and automate the core aspects of your business?
    • How can data and technology be utilised to remain agile in the face of changing market dynamics?
    • How can digital advancements be leveraged to meet sustainability objectives?


    • What is the optimal digital investment strategy for your business?
    • How to identify suitable digital investments or partnerships?
    • What are the strategies for integrating digital ventures into your existing business model?

    Regardless of where you stand in your digital journey, Pulsion Technology, with its rich expertise and client-centric approach, is ready to support you from the planning stage through to the execution of your digital strategy, ensuring that your business not only meets the challenges of today but is also well-prepared for the future.

    Our Digital Transformation Strategy & Approach

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    Consulting on Digital Strategies for Expansion

    Digital strategy formulation involves crafting a forward-thinking and adaptive approach that resonates with your key goals. This includes enhancing operational efficiency, pioneering new business models, or revitalising your current operations with cutting-edge digital solutions, and utilising approaches such as partnerships, acquisitions, or internal development. Our services encompass assessing digital maturity, future scenario planning, innovating business models, exploring potential future trends or industry mergers, and strategising for growth through digital means.

    In the realm of data strategy and value generation, we focus on maximising the potential of your data and analytics. This enables the creation of valuable insights that can streamline and refine your operations. Our offerings range from comprehensive digital transformation initiatives to transitioning traditional software solutions to cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models.

    For digital ventures, we provide expert guidance in establishing and nurturing private and public initiatives. This includes fostering connections with innovative startups to spearhead digital breakthroughs. Our expertise includes setting up digital capabilities spinouts and business process frameworks, designed to invigorate your digital innovation journey.

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    Consultancy for Digital Strategy Enhancement

    Consulting on digital strategies for operational enhancement entails developing a plan to upgrade and digitise your front-end functions, aiming to unlock maximum growth potential. This includes strategies for direct channels, automated marketing, dynamic pricing, and enhancing the digital customer experience.

    Regarding operational automation, we assess your current processes and capabilities to identify digitalisation opportunities that can boost efficiency. This encompasses digitising supply chain management, implementing intelligent automation, and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Moreover, we provide guidance on establishing a dual operating framework and designing digital platforms. This involves developing digital business models, establishing effective governance, and strategising around geolocation factors, such as intellectual property considerations.

    Consulting Services for Accelerating Digital Strategy

    Consulting on digital strategy for acceleration involves pinpointing, evaluating, and orchestrating the transformation process to aid your company’s inorganic growth. Our services span pre-deal due diligence (including software development, cybersecurity, and IT), validating future value for sellers, and planning integration strategies, whether to preserve autonomy or to integrate fully.

    In the realm of partnerships and digital ecosystem development, we undertake comprehensive analyses to identify challenges and opportunities, suggesting the most suitable acquisition and collaboration partners across your value chain, including startups and innovation networks. Our capabilities include conducting market scans, defining digital ecosystems, and developing transformation processes.

    For digital value creation, we concentrate on refining your digital offerings to ensure value generation and achieve a return on investment. This includes assessing your digital portfolio, devising strategies for digital development cycles, and overseeing the operational implementation.

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