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We offer WordPress development and WordPress solutions, creating custom websites that enhance user experience, increase conversions and improve revenue.

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Why WordPress Websites Are So Popular

WordPress Themes

WordPress offers a vast number of web design templates, known as WordPress themes. You can choose the one that best reflects your company brand and fits the type of content you want to present. Many of the basic themes are free. These are great for simple brochure websites, but if you want a full commercial website, more advanced templates are available at a fee.

Mobile Friendly

The design and development abilities of the WordPress platform allow developers to create a single custom WordPress website or content management system that automatically adapts to the types of the devices your visitors are using. There’s no need to create a separate mobile site, for instance.

Expansion Plugins

The real power of WordPress lies in the thousands of plugins available for a WordPress developer to integrate into your website. These can add almost limitless functionality, including things like shopping carts and payment gateways. New plugin development is ongoing, allowing you to always stay abreast of the latest trends in successful website development.

SEO Friendly

The WordPress content management system comes with basic SEO elements built-in, and developers can also use third-party plugins that enable more powerful optimisation techniques. These give minute control over all aspects of on-page and back-end SEO.

Full Control With WordPress Core Code Access

Through direct access to the core code of the website, a WordPress developer has complete control over every aspect of the site. The front-end design can be finely tuned to create user friendly websites that engage your visitors and convert them to customers.

Open Source Community Support

Using WordPress allows a development company to constantly access a global support community of WordPress developers. In addition, thousands of people are constantly working on upgrades and new functionality, ever improving the platform’s power and efficiency.

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There are two distinct types of WordPress web platforms: and is an out-the-box content management system (CMS) that allows you to populate a pre-set website template with your content. It has limited functionality, as it’s effectively just a simple WYSIWYG interface that lets you create a basic website without needing to understand how they work. It’s not really customisable, and doesn’t offer scalability or the ability to add more functionality.

So when we speak about custom WordPress development, this refers to the more powerful open-source platform of This is the option to choose if you want custom WordPress website development, and it’s the one we’ll focus on for the rest of this article.

Benefits of Pulsion’s Custom WordPress Development Services

Our WordPress development services allow you to outsource business websites to a highly experienced, leading web development agency. This includes all aspects of web design and development, plus the necessary project management. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient way of creating a website that contains all the custom functionality your business needs to maximise online opportunities.

Specific benefits include:

  • Access to expertise that you don’t have in-house.
  • More cost-effective and efficient than sourcing your own in-house WordPress developers.
  • Unlocking the full power of WordPress functionality.
  • Customised WordPress websites with user conversion journeys tailored for your specific audience.
  • The scalability and flexibility to respond to market and technology developments.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance from people who thoroughly understand your system.

What Pulsion WordPress Development Agency Can Do For You

We’re a WordPress development company comprising seasoned professional experts with extensive WordPress expertise. We offer comprehensive, turnkey WordPress design and development to create exactly the right website to meet your strategic and market-related needs. Just as we’ve done for many global brands.

We can craft anything from simple WordPress websites to a complex custom website or online platform that uses the most advanced digital technology. We combine innovative technical skills with best practices and open idea sharing to ensure that you get the powerful web presence you need to fulfil your strategic goals and lead the way in your industry.

8 Reasons to Choose Pulsion for Custom WordPress Development Services

Our customer-centric approach keeps your business needs as the top priority.

Highly skilled WordPress experts, including top WordPress web designers and WordPress developers.

A well-rounded and very experienced team provide you with expertly-matched talent.

A dedicated project management team.

WordPress design and development focused on delivering results.

A superior user experience that improves conversion rates.

Increased qualified traffic as you reach your target audience more effectively.

Ongoing WordPress support and website maintenance.

Our Suite of WordPress Development Services

Secure WordPress Website Development

You can confidently choose us for any WordPress website development, from simple brochure sites to a custom website brimming with functionality.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Tailor your website template to precisely suit your brand messaging, with bespoke WordPress theme development.

Bespoke Website Functionality

Our experienced WordPress developers specialise in creating bespoke websites to give your customers all the easy-to-use functionality they need. Our business analysts will translate your business requirements into a web platform that does exactly what you intend.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins can perform complex e-commerce and other online functions. We have experience with a vast range of existing plugins. You can use our specialist WordPress plugin development team to create your own custom plugins.

WordPress Migration Services

Our WordPress migration services migrate your existing WordPress website from one environment to another, should you need to change your hosting provider, for example.

WordPress API Integration

Engage our WordPress development team when you need API integration between your website and other web services, like AWS.

Our Custom WordPress Development Project Process

1. Web Strategy

We take a strategic approach from the onset of each WordPress development project. We combine experience with deep research to precisely align the development goals with your business aims. We treat each project as unique, starting with a process that will:

  • Identify your target audience and create matching website user personas.
  • Determine your current challenges and those facing your users.
  • Understand or help to pinpoint your unique value propositions.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your WordPress site.

2. Planning and Information Architecture

Careful functionality planning and information architecture (IA) are worth their weight in gold when building websites. We don’t rush to start the design and development phases. We rather spend as much time as necessary in planning WordPress solutions, so that you get the return on investment you expect.

We blend best practices with a personalised analysis of your environment, existing technologies, user requirements and everything your WordPress site needs to achieve. We design bespoke user journeys and create conversion funnels to optimise your website success.

We create a visual site map to show the content flow throughout your site, and draft wireframes to establish the optimal page layouts to align with the conversion funnel.

3. User Experience Design (UX)

While IA deals with the way you move your visitors through the content on your website to guide them towards conversion, user experience design (UX) deals with the ergonomics of WordPress websites, if you will. Together with you, we plan a look and feel for your website that both reflects your brand messaging and makes it as easy as possible for your visitors to find what they need.

Our experienced UX designers are thoroughly versed in the art of creating user interfaces that feel intuitive and allow your visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for. This promotes immediate engagement with your website and decreases the bounce rate – the number of people who only spend a few seconds on your site before leaving.

The ultimate aim is to maximise your conversion rate and provide a high level of customer satisfaction. This attracts more new customers and encourages repeat customers, both widening and deepening your customer relationships. In doing so, this increases your average per-customer revenue.

4. Professional WordPress Design

Now that all the planning draft work has been completed, we begin the actual website design stage. Our skilled WordPress design team goes to work creating a web design to support your IA and UX decisions. This includes all custom WordPress theme development you need to align your chosen template with your brand.

This phase comprises:

  • Creating and integrating all the design features.
  • Aligning the design with your user journeys.
  • Sourcing high quality images.
  • Developing custom features, like micro interactions and animations.
  • Making sure that your website has all the necessary accessibility features.

5. Responsive WordPress Website Development

We make sure that all your WordPress users can access your website on any device, and enjoy the same high-quality user experience. Responsive design is critical to this. It elevates your website’s usability and also plays a crucial role in SEO performance, as search engines like Google emphasise ease of use on mobile devices.

To achieve a successful responsive design we:

  • Gather all the available data on user touchpoints and user-channels.
  • Create a versatile design for your user interface, in line with your IA and user journeys.
  • Exhaustively test the design on a wide range of devices that you can expect your visitors to use.

7. Stringent Quality Assurance Testing

Our team of QA testers will then put your new website through its paces. They use an iterative process of detailed testing of each aspect of the site, reporting bugs back to the developers and then testing the fixes. We use industry-proven methods and tools to conduct deep-level evaluations. This continues until we – and you – are satisfied that your website will perform to the highest standards.

As part of our process we maintain complete transparency and constantly communicate with you on progress. At this stage we’ll also incorporate and feedback that you may have once you’ve tried out your site in our safe staging environment.

8. Implementation and Launch

Once you’ve signed off your website, we’ll transfer it from the staging environment to a live server and you’ll be in business. We closely monitor every aspect of this, to ensure that your site performs as well on the Internet as it did once we completed testing. Our QA experts re-check everything as soon as your site goes live.

9. Support Personnel Training

If you’ve commissioned a complex web platform and your own personnel need training on it, our support team will look after everything. We’ll make sure that your teams are able to quickly start using the back-end and content management aspects of your new system, and that your support personnel are fully equipped to help your customers and other website users.

10. Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

We understand that a commercial website requires continuous support. So we provide an ongoing schedule of support and maintenance, aimed at ensuring that your website continues to perform optimally. It also allows us to implement any evolving technology, and react to market trends to further enhance your site and ensure that it’s always current and relevant.

We follow a tried and tested support and maintenance regimen that starts with an exhaustive post-launch evaluation protocol. We then implement a strict maintenance and optimisation schedule outlining daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You’ll also have several open communication channels with us, so that we can respond quickly to anything you need.

Choosing a WordPress Agency

Clarify Your Business Needs

Before discussing WordPress development with a potential supplier, it’s important that you are perfectly clear on what your website needs to achieve, both strategically and practically.

Here’s a quick checklist of items to clarify:

  • Define the overall scope and timeline of your project.
  • Plan your website strategy and its objectives.
  • Make sure to include information from all internal stakeholders.
  • Understand the specific online needs of your teams.
  • Create a specification document of all the features and functionality you want your site to have.

Read WordPress Development Agency Reviews

There are several online resources you can use to find WordPress development agencies and get information on their abilities and service standards. Using these rating and review platforms you can get insights into what type of projects they’ve undertaken, how satisfied other companies have been with their work, and their skills and experience.

Review Their WordPress Development Case Studies

Many reputable WordPress development services will provide case studies of their previous projects. This can be a huge help in narrowing down the right companies for your custom WordPress development. Look for case studies that are similar to the work that you require, so that you can find a WordPress development agency with experience in building the kind of online platform you need.

Interview Prospective Development Services

It can be difficult to ascertain whether a development agency has the right technical skills, as you may not have anyone in your company who can judge this. However, you can ask certain questions that will help to uncover as much of their approach and capabilities as possible:

  • How long have they been building WordPress sites?
  • Do they have experience in developing content management systems?
  • Are they experts at theme and template customisation?
  • Have they built website platforms with the scope, complexity and functionality that you need?
  • Have they worked with any big brands?
  • What are their ballpark development costs?
  • Will they devote a dedicated team to your project?
  • How experienced are their WordPress developers and designers?
  • Will you have direct communication with the team?
  • Do they provide post-implementation support?
  • How do they approach website security?

Confirm Their Capacity and Project Immediacy

This might sound obvious, but what you’re really looking for is assurance that they have the resources, flexibility and project management processes to work on multiple projects at the same time. You need to be satisfied that your project will receive the priority you need. You want avoid the risk of engaging a WordPress development agency that will miss deadlines and mess up your web development timelines.

Balance Cost With Quality

The costs of WordPress development services can vary wildly, regardless of the scope of the project. The best way to navigate this is to remember that your website’s quality and revenue-generation capability are paramount. Don’t be tempted to take the lowest quote. Rather, carefully consider the actual value and return on investment you hope for from your site, and choose the company that best understands and aligns with your objectives.

Make Sure of Future Support

Unless you have your own IT network department, you’ll need ongoing support and technical maintenance for your WordPress websites. A reputable development agency like Pulsion will provide comprehensive support for the lifecycle of your site. It will also keep up to date with new technologies that can be implemented to continually enhance your online service.

Custom WordPress Development FAQs

A good WordPress development agency will have a deep understanding of the core structure and technologies that WordPress uses. Its developers should be very familiar with theme customisation, plugin development and integration, API communication and WordPress security. They should also provide IA and UX professionals, and QA experts. Experienced project managers are also a must.

You can have as little or as much control as you prefer. If you’re not comfortable with technical environments, you can communicate with your project manager in plain English, with confidence that your needs will be filtered through to the development and design team. You’ll always have full transparency into the progress of your project, and can make adjustments if you need to.

We can look after virtually all your WordPress web development needs. We have a large and diverse team of skilled experts who can create anything from a campaign-ready promotional website to an e-commerce platform with all the bells and whistles.

If you’d like our team to work from your premises, that’s no problem at all. We’re happy to accommodate whatever arrangement you prefer. Alternatively, we can do all the development in our own offices if you don’t have the space to accommodate an entire team.

Post-implementation support is one of our strengths. We provide a various communication channels for you to contact us quickly if you need help with any aspect of your site. Our support teams are on call and will act swiftly to sort out any issues and minimise their impact.

There are some basic start-up costs when you first start using WordPress. Although you can use thousands of their themes for free, these are not very customisable and aren’t designed for large-scale commercial use. You can expect to pay either a once-off or an annual fee to use the more advanced theme templates.

Other initial costs include annual domain registration, which is a nominal amount, as well as your monthly website hosting fee. You may also have to pay for some of the WordPress plugins you use, whether they’re native to the service or provided by a third-party developer. Depending on who supplies it, this can be a one-time charge, an annual one or a monthly fee.

WordPress development costs hinge on many other factors, including:

The size of your website.

The type of functionality you need (such as e-commerce).

Theme customisation.

The number and type of resources required to develop your website.

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