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Filled with a team of experienced Angular developers with over two decades of meeting customer demands, we bring innovation backed by technical AngularJS expertise.

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What is AngularJS?

AngularJS, also known as Angular, is a dynamic framework known for its powerful features and Google support. It has quickly become a giant in the world of web and mobile app development for its scalability and modular nature, allowing AngularJS developers to create breathtaking, user-friendly applications that will grow with a business and its demands.

Our team guarantees high-performance applications through its commitment to cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality assurance. Partner with us for unparalleled Angular JS development services that will help elevate your digital presence and make your vision a reality.

When to Choose Angular JS for Your Mobile App Development?

AngularJS, also known as Angular, is a dynamic framework known for its powerful features and Google support. It has quickly become a giant in the world of web and mobile app development for its scalability and modular nature, allowing AngularJS developers to create breathtaking, user-friendly applications that will grow with a business and its demands.

Our team guarantees high-performance applications through its commitment to cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality assurance. Partner with us for unparalleled Angular JS development services that will help elevate your digital presence and make your vision a reality.

AngularJS Development Services for Building Complex Client-Side Applications with Ease

Focus on business growth this year and join several leading brands to leverage our custom web app development services. Our innovative web applications can perform well above standard HTML, even when scaling. Opting for AngularJS development services offers a quick solution for developing mobile apps without losing functionality or usability.

We specialise in maximising the potential of this robust framework. Our experienced developers specialise in creating personalised, scalable, and responsive applications, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each project.

Choosing the best AngularJS development company is built on performance and trust. With over 30 years of building web apps, our agile development approach and cutting-edge technologies, we can help you decide on the best approach for your next AngularJS development project.

AngularJS Development Services

Our services cover the entire development cycle of AngularJS-based applications, from initial planning and design to implementation, testing, and ongoing support.

Below are vital services our AngularJS development company frequently offers our clients:

Consulting and Strategy

Our AngularJS consulting services and experts offer advice on architecture, best practices, and optimisation strategies tailored to the specific project needs. This service entails collaborative discussions about project objectives, technology stack options, and long-term scalability strategies. By aligning business objectives with AngularJS capabilities, the consulting team enables clients to make informed decisions, laying the groundwork for successful AngularJS projects.

Enterprise-Focused AngularJS Development

Our team offers enterprise AngularJS development aims to create robust, scalable web applications for large-scale businesses. This service necessitates a thorough understanding of enterprise requirements, such as complex workflows, extensive data management, and integration with existing systems. Our web development team at Pulsion uses AngularJS’s modular architecture to create maintainable and scalable solutions that adapt to the enterprise’s changing requirements and future.

Front-End Development

A website’s front-end is the visual elements we interact with and helps to give customers a feel for a brand. A well-crafted front-end helps boost interaction between your business and its customers. Our experienced AngularJS developers are in charge of creating interactive, high-performance, and feature-rich user interface components. AngularJS developers typically collaborate with a team of back-end developers to seamlessly integrate both layers.

Maintenance and Support

Our AngularJS maintenance and support services extend beyond the initial development phase to ensure that your AngularJS applications run continuously and smoothly. This includes proactive monitoring, bug fixes, and handling compatibility issues as they arise. Maintenance and support services are provided on a timely basis to ensure the application’s longevity, reducing downtime and disruptions for end users.

Single Page Application (SPA) Development

AngularJS-based SPA development is a specialised service that focuses on creating seamless and responsive web apps. AngularJS’s SPA-building capabilities allow the development company to provide a unified user experience with fast page transitions, low load times, and dynamic content updates. This approach improves user engagement by eliminating the need for frequent page reloads, resulting in a smooth and fluid interaction.

Application Testing Services

Testing services are a comprehensive approach to ensuring the reliability and quality of our AngularJS application. This entails using various testing strategies, such as unit testing to validate individual components, integration testing to assess interactions between components, and end-to-end testing to simulate user interactions. Testing services are critical for identifying and addressing potential issues early in development, improving our AngularJS applications’ overall stability and performance.

Why Choose AngularJS for Mobile Web Development?

There are various benefits of our custom AngularJS Development Services here at Pulsion. This JavaScript framework’s main benefits and claim to fame include increased scalability, greater adaptability, and a faster development process. This Google-backed framework ensures that an application’s performance and user experience are not compromised. Additionally, we’ve listed a few advantages of using AngularJS for mobile app development.

1. Native-app Experience

Using Nativescript and Ionic, a mobile app development company using AngularJS as their framework, can have the same appearance and user experience as native apps built for the ecosystem.

2. Two-way Data Binding

Two-way data binding ensures synchronisation between the model and the view. This feature streamlines the development process by making handling user input and updating the user interface easier.

3. Enhanced Server Performance

A company’s operations rely heavily on its network’s availability and functionality for everyday business tasks. That is why web server optimisation is required for improved performance and speed to ensure end-user satisfaction. AngularJS developers can use features like caching to reduce the load on server CPUs, resulting in less traffic and better performance.

4. Localisation Support

A common problem when people from different locations use an application is that they struggle with their language preferences. AngularJS can solve this by giving every user a personalised experience tailored to their location and country using custom angular development to make separate modules for each country.

5. Code Recyclability

AngularJS teams can create modular and reusable components and services that can be reused in different application areas instead of creating new instances and code. It doesn’t end there; all custom-made modules, directives, libraries, and angular plugin development can be shared across multiple AngularJS projects.

6. Swifter Application Development

AngularJS’s framework provides a comprehensive set of tools and technology, allowing an AngularJS developer to create applications quickly and efficiently. This complete package of resources enables data-driven application development while significantly reducing critical development time, effort, and resources.

Why Choose Pulsion for Your Angular Development Services?

Pulsion is one of the leading experts in the market, making use of AngularJS development with a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and client-centric solutions. Pulsion’s seasoned team of AngularJS developers consistently deliver high-quality web applications, leveraging the framework’s powerful features to create dynamic and scalable solutions.

The company’s commitment to staying current with technological trends ensures its clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs.

Hiring AngularJS Developers to Suit Your Needs

The Angular framework has numerous advantages, which account for its high demand. If you want to simplify your testing and web development processes while increasing your sales and brand recognition, you should prioritise hiring a highly skilled and experienced AngularJS developer.

You will find an Angular developer at Pulsion that suits your company or business’s needs.

AngularJS Vs Other Frameworks

There are several front-end JavaScript frameworks on the market. They all provide excellent functionality in user experience, lightweight design, and ease of development. What tends to tip the scales is what you, as the client, are trying to build. For a better example, we will look deeper into AngularJS and what makes it different to some of its rivals.

AngularJS Pros

Two-way data binding is one of AngularJS’s prominent features because it duplicates model changes quickly, effectively, and logically in views.

An AngularJS development company can use dependency injectors to decouple interdependent code components and reuse them in the development process when needed.

This framework’s built-in capability allows real-time model-view synchronisation, making application development easier.

AngularJS has gained popularity among developers since its initial release. Today, AngularJS is used by a large number of web developers. If a developer faces a problem, they can quickly seek assistance from this community.

AngularJS Cons

Because of the sheer number of features and built-in functions, AngularJS is a complex language to master. It also doesn’t help that there is no comprehensive documentation or clear handbook for beginners in the AngularJS framework.

More complex and dynamic applications may slow down and fail to function correctly due to the many modular parts to manage. Limited routing also complicates the debugging scope.

AngularJS has undergone many changes over the years, with AngularJS being discontinued in January 2022 for its successor, Angular. The newer framework versions have undergone significant and breaking changes, requiring developers to rewrite or migrate their code.

Use Cases for AngularJS

AngularJS and its successor, Angular, like all other javascript frameworks, have specific use cases that make them shine above the rest. Identifying where a particular framework is best suited is the first step to consider when picking out a framework and language to use in developing your website or mobile application. The Angular framework’s best use cases include.

Dynamic Web Applications

AngularJS uses two-way data binding. Dynamic web applications use this feature by generating web pages and data based on requests generated by the end-user. This triggers a respective response from the server that is then displayed to the end user.

Single Page Applications

AngularJS is well-suited for creating single pages of HTML that dynamically update based on user requests as they interact with the web page. This is for reasons similar to the example mentioned above.

Content Management Systems (CMS):

AngularJS is perfect for creating CMS interfaces with dynamic content updates and seamless user interactions.

Form-Based Applications

AngularJS’s dynamic form generation, validation and form-handling capabilities make it an excellent choice for creating applications that use data input and complex forms.

Interactive Forms and Surveys

AngularJS’s form-handling capabilities and dynamic updates suit applications requiring complex forms, surveys, and user input.

Enterprise Applications

AngularJS’s modular architecture and dependency injection are helpful for large-scale enterprise applications with modular components that must be maintained.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

CRM applications frequently involve complex user interfaces, forms, and dynamic data updates, which makes AngularJS a natural choice.

E-commerce Applications

E-commerce websites frequently require dynamic product catalogues, real-time updates, and interactive user interfaces, making AngularJS an ideal choice.

Collaborative Tools

Real-time collaboration tools that allow multiple users to interact with the same data simultaneously can benefit from AngularJS’s real-time data binding capabilities.

Dashboards and Analytics

Applications that use data visualisation, dashboards, and analytics can benefit from AngularJS’s ability to handle dynamic views and data binding.

Case Studies: Successful AngularJS Projects

We at Pulsion have many examples of successful projects that we have completed over the years. Scrolling through our completed project catalogue will help you understand the quality of our previous works and the diversity between them all. 

Velappity is a software we created and developed using AngularJS and serves as a great example of what we bring to the table. Velappity: Risk Assessment Software | Mobile Inspection App & Solution.

Elevate Web Development with AngularJS

Leverage the power of AngularJS for your web development needs. Explore the diverse offerings of a reputable Angular development company to gain access to customised solutions, seamless user experiences, and scalable applications.

Increase your digital presence and efficiency by collaborating with experts who specialise in unlocking the full potential of Angular technologies.

AngularJS Development FAQs

It was discontinued due to advancements in web development and technology. The AngularJs web development framework was discontinued in January 2022. This was done when the original model was developed in 2010, when web development looked different from today. Angular is its successor and is more modern, efficient and scalable.

AngularJS and its successor, Angular, use Typescript as its coding language. Typescript is a Microsoft-developed free and open-source high-level programming language.

Yes, Google uses its successor, Angular, for App development.

AngularJS is losing popularity for a few reasons. The first reason is that the framework has a steep learning curve. The second is because more lightweight frameworks have been emerging on the scene. The final reason is that AngularJS has undergone many major upgrades, leading to significant and breaking changes that would require an Angular development company to rewrite or migrate their code

Yes, AngularJS is still widely used in app development by both AngularJS web and mobile development company.

Yes, its successor, Angular, is still being used in business and is a popular choice for companies wanting to create dynamic websites and applications.

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