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Why Projects Fail Part II

By Paul McAteer, Head of Project Delivery Running a complex software development project without a Project Manager would be comparable to a ship without a Captain – very likely to hit the rocks.  The Project Manager has the responsibility of planning and execution of...

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Technology Trends for 2019

In 2018, the growth of artificial intelligence and technologies such as speech recognition, natural language processing and driverless cars continued to emerge more and more onto public domain, with AI algorithms becoming ever more powerful.Cloud computing is growing...

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How effective are Chatbots to your business?

You know them, you’ve probably seen them on multiple company websites you stumble upon, the chatbot. “Hi there, can I help?”. Chatbots have become the new way to interact with your customers and they provide many benefits. This blog will particularly look at some of...

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Why projects fail. Part I

Paul McAteer, Head of Project Delivery, Pulsion Technology If you have spent any length of time within the IT Industry, you could probably point to a project that you know of that has failed. Some have done so more spectacularly than others, with the occasional few...

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IR35 v Outsourcing for IT

By now, contractors and public sector establishments alike should be well aware of the IR35 legislation which affects all contracting staff that are engaged by public sector bodies. As of 1st April 2017, the IR35 status of a contractor needs to be determined by the...

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Pulsion Technology Steering Committee

Much like any other business delivering excellent products and services to their clients, we need to continually look at how technology can help us improve efficiency and stay ahead of up and coming trends or legislation, whilst retaining product and service...

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