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AI Gone Too Far?

Artificial Intelligence is being used in job interviews – scanning people’s language, tone and facial expression to determine the best person for the role. Consumer goods giant Unilever is just one company using this AI and facial expressions technology, which rates a candidate’s performance against thousands of pieces of facial and linguistic information from interviews of applicants who have gone on to do well in their roles. The firm that developed the tech claims that, as it removes human bias, it provides a more objective and reliable way of predicting how well a candidate would perform if hired.

Here’s the full article – AI Facial Recognition Used For First Time In Job Interviews

John McGuire, founder, Pulsion shared his thoughts:

“Interesting use of AI. However, it does raise some issues on bias and privacy. For example, is the algorithm trained on people who have passed and failed interviews and does it include samples of people with particular facial issues – if I wore an eye patch am I likely to fail the interview. Has it been trained on people with behavioural issues or mental health issues which may mean the present differently on interviews (But are still great candidates).

Finally, who agrees to give their data (to be video recorded) in an interview situation for future training data for AI even if they fail the interview? A potential lack of training data could also exclude those who do not fit the most common interview profile. I do get that it can overcome an individual interviewers bias but only if they training data set is large enough and I’m not totally convinced that dataset exists to discount great candidates who do not fit a cookie cutter interviewee style.

Is it a step too far at this point in time?”

What do you think of this use of Artificial Intelligence – good news or a step too far for now? We are curious to know, add your comments below.

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