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Digital Transformation is Building the Business of the Future

In a previous blog I asked What Does Digital Transformation mean?  In short, it’s building the business of the future – preparing today to position for tomorrow. In business, no one wants to be left behind and see their competitors marching on to success. You want to be at the forefront and beat the competition.

Well – Digital Transformation is the facilitator to achieving that aim.

Our world has changed and everything moves at a phenomenal pace and as harsh as it may sound – business needs to adapt or fail. Not accepting that and ignoring the change is no longer an option. Some people are put off by the fear of the unknown and think it’s too daunting a task to even contemplate let alone start the process. 

Consider some important questions for a minute:

  1. Are you operating your business from legacy systems and old technology?
  2. Are you struggling for server storage capacity?
  3. Do you feel you would benefit from digitising and streamlining some of your processes?
  4. Do you think your resources could be deployed more effectively with staff working on higher value tasks?
  5. Do you have the ability to scale up quickly?

If your answers followed a pattern of mostly no and a final yes then congratulations, you are well along your digital transformation journey. 

BUT – if your answers followed a pattern of yes; yes; yes; yes; no – then you’ve found this blog at exactly the right time.

We know it’s easy to stick with the status quo and change can be scary but you know what’s even scarier? Your competition pulling ahead because they have faced up to the reality that change is indeed inevitable and you haven’t grasped that yet.

The very worst statement that I can’t stand to hear in any working environment is “…but we’ve always done it this way”.  It makes me want to scream – SO WHAT!!! That is an attitude guaranteed to failure because you are not open to the opportunities that change can bring. Anything can be improved upon and because it’s always been done one way doesn’t mean it can’t be made better with a slight change to the process.

With my mini rant over – let’s get to the point. Digital Transformation and what it means for you.  Never mind all the technical jargon. Bottom line is that focusing on digital change for your business means:

  • cost savings – no longer tied to the upkeep of legacy on-premise systems
  • increased agility and adaptability when required – scale up and down as the business environment dictates
  • deploy solutions that enable you to go to market quicker – efficiencies speed up the tasks required
  • maintain your competitive edge – not being bogged down by laborious processes or system issues means you can do task a lot quicker
  • redeploy staff onto higher value tasks – giving them the tools to speed up tasks ensures they remain focused on what mattes for the business
  • boost staff morale – giving staff the ability and flexibility to work from anywhere if the need arises can reduce stress levels and makes for a better working environment

That’s just a list of 6 possible outcomes you could have by focusing on this as a priority and once you start to peel away the layers of legacy systems and processes you will discover many more. With the pace of technological change around us – can you really afford to ignore this?

This blog isn’t about the how – that’s a matter for discussion based on individual need and requirement – I also don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of how it’s delivered – I’ll leave that to the technical team.  My writing is about the Why and the What.  Why you should be looking at digital transformation, not ignoring it and certainly not be afraid by it and it’s about the what – what do you ultimately get from it. 

By focusing on digital transformation, you are solving the problems your business faces today, to build the business you need for the future. 

Speak to us to discuss how we can help – there’s no hard sell.  Just an initial conversation to find out what could improve your systems and processes. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need, just take some time out of your (no doubt busy) day and let’s have a chat. 

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