Pulsion is taking part in the Paths For All 4 week Autumn Step Count Challenge.

We had some teams take part in the summer, but this time it won’t be easy… we’re trying not to let the rain put us off!

There are 423 teams registered across Scotland. 20 of us are participating in the challenge – we’ve entered 4 teams of 5. Our rankings after week 1 are:

  • Legs Miserable – 58th
  • Luke Skywalkers – 116th
  • Walkaholics – 146th
  • Born to Run – 42nd

Paths for All is a charity to get more people walking across Scotland. This challenge is to encourage us to be more active during the working day. No more sitting at our desks to eat lunch!

Our Finance Director, Lorraine has set us some ambitious weekly individual targets, just to add a further element of competition to it and there is the added incentive of some chocolate for those who meet these weekly targets:

  • Week 1 – 70k
  • Week 2 – 80k
  • Week 3 – 90k
  • Week 4 – 100k

We’ll keep you updated with how we get on…. Who will be the Pulsion winning team??

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