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Key trends in Artificial Intelligence

Technology is fast evolving and it’s important to understand and take advantage of any new changes and developments in order to stay ahead of the competition. In particular, Artificial Intelligence is a field that is experiencing both rapid innovations and complexities in the way we use and perceive it. Here are 5 key trends in Artificial Intelligence that are vital to protect, speed up and advance your operations.

AI in cybersecurity 

One of the key ways that AI is being used is in the field of cybersecurity. As cyber threats continue to develop, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become critical tools in identifying potential threats and strengthening systems against them. Machine learning can be employed to understand previous threats and continually learn about possible cyber risks by analysing large amounts of data. AI can also do time-consuming tasks that data and security analysts would usually do to detect anomalies and make security decisions. While AI is already being used to assist cybersecurity in many large tech companies, this will be increasingly important for smaller companies to adopt in order to identify any vulnerabilities in their system and protect against threats. 


Conversational AI 

When you hear of artificial intelligence, you might first think of something that’s been programmed to speak and act like humans. This is what conversational AI does – combining natural language processing with machine learning to allow the AI to understand inputs and generate outputs. You might see conversational AI at work in chatbots or virtual agents, which are often used on websites to help solve common customer queries and cut down on manual customer service work. While this has been adopted by some businesses in a small capacity, it’s expected that the use of conversational AI will rise in the coming years as machine learning technologies become more advanced and as both businesses and customers become more confident in using them. There’s good reason to get involved with conversational AI too, as it can provide a personalised experience to your customers at any time of day and save trained staff from having to answer the same questions every day. 


AI ethics 

An emerging topic in AI is that of ethics. As humans have all sorts of cognitive biases, these are often fed into Artificial Intelligence. This has resulted in bias and discrimination based on gender and race in facial recognition software, job hiring systems, social media algorithms and many more areas. Recently, however, there has been more effort put in by larger companies to reduce the bias of their AI by ensuring their teams are diverse and that they are actively identifying biases. Another key aspect of ethical AI is managing how data is used in AI and machine learning, particularly data that might be personal. 



AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence to enhance IT operations. This can be through using machine learning and big data analytics to speed up and streamline IT operations. By analysing performance data, AIOps can look at outages, issues and other significant events in the system, find the root causes and propose solutions. At its best, AIOps can identify issues in real time and address them before the users are aware of the issue. IT operations can involve lots of messy data and can take forever to manually go through and learn where the issues lie, so it’s essential to have AI that works with your team to speed this up and manage your IT operations.  


More personal experiences with machine learning 

Artificial intelligence has already drastically changed the way we consume media but with changing consumer interests, people are looking for more personal and realistic experiences from their devices. With AI and Machine Learning, the right content can be shown to the right people at the right time, based on previously collected data. This might look like the recommendation algorithms of Netflix and Amazon, where the machine learning is constantly building up a picture of what shows the user likes to watch or what products they like to purchase.  


These are just some of the key trends in Artificial Intelligence at the moment. We’d love to have a chat with you to discuss how we could help you use Artificial Intelligence to advance your business operations and achieve your goals. We offer a free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your business goals and how we can meet them.

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