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At Pulsion Technology, we are committed to nurturing talent, whether that is through university apprenticeships or online training agencies. Our 2023 apprentices sat down with Digital Marketing Executive, Andrew Baxter to discuss the benefits of blending their studies with full time working. We also caught up with one of our graduates, Libby who is a true success story of the Graduate Apprentice route.

Libby Mcgeough, Junior Software Developer

What first got you interested in technology?

In school I liked maths.  I started by studying maths at Strathclyde University initially. I had a computer science programming module which I enjoyed it so I ended up switching.

Can you explain your grad apprentice scheme?

I didn’t like university and didn’t see maths as something I wanted to do forever. I dropped out after first year and looked into programming. Strathclyde offer apprenticeships where you can work alongside your studies. Initially, I was working for a different company for a year but due to them closing, I was unable to complete my studies with them  Strathclyde set-up an interview with Pulsion and I’ve been here for three years.

Why did you chose this route?

I liked the idea of working whilst studying. It worked out well I was in Pulsion Monday to Thursday and university on Friday. University was all online, even before the pandemic so it was flexible and easier to fit in. The lectures would be split into ten minute videos so it was easier to fit them in at a time which suited so I’d sometimes watch them commuting on the train. Then on Fridays we were in labs, which was when you would see lecturers and could ask for help when it was needed.

In terms of balancing studies and work, how have you found Pulsion?

Pulsion in general have been really supportive, especially John. When I felt busier they were really understanding and gave me time off or half days to catch up with university work. Particularly in my final year, I was given a tremendous amount of support for my dissertation. My dissertation surrounded Pulsion’s new product Requiment and so John was really helpful and involved in that process which was good. This has all worked out great for me as I was offered a full time role as a Junior Software Developer once I finished my degree.

Would you recommend this route to people considering software development?

Yeah 100% it’s really good, getting paid and having no debt. On top of that, learning through university and seeing it being used at work is the best way to learn. I can’t imagine graduating without the experience and because of that I feel ahead of other graduates.

What would you say to anyone starting a career in technology?

Great career to get into – so many different paths and fields, so I recommend trying different stuff out.

Gregor Morris, Software Developer Apprentice

What first got you interested in technology?

I was interested in the maths side of subjects. Then I started researching graduate apprenticeships you could do as opposed to purely studying at university and I landed on software engineering.

Can you explain your grad apprentice scheme?

University degree same time as apprenticeship at Strathclyde. The course is tailor made for four days working and one day studying.

Why did you chose this route?

I saw it as the best of both words, learning theory and gaining experience simultaneously.

What has been good about it?

Getting the hands on experience, Pulsion has provided lots of support which will help with university work.

Would you recommend this route to people considering software development?

Definitely! The balance is great and from experience you really get to see how everything works.

What would you say to anyone starting a career in technology?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, if you don’t get it straight away that’s fine, there is plenty sources out there to learn from.

Josh Innes, Software Developer Apprentice

What first got you interested in technology?

I’ve always shown an interest in technology and my parents encouraged these interests. I used to watch videos on YouTube of programming simulation, which I thought was cool and I wanted to learn how to do it. During the pandemic, with a lot of spare time I began to learn through videos and online documents how to develop games. This gave me a good starting basis for starting at Pulsion.

Can you explain your grad apprentice scheme?

Working four days in Pulsion and one day in university. Although only one day a month is essential at university to be in for assessments.

Why did you choose this route?

It seemed like better way of doing it, getting a degree whilst gaining relevant work experience. I’d rather this way than being a fulltime student with a part time job that isn’t relevant to what I ultimately knew I wanted to do.

What has been good about it?

I’m only a month in but enjoying it so far. It’s given me the push I needed, I’ve been learning loads at an increased rate.

Would you recommend this route to people considering software development?

Yeah although only if you know you will enjoy it. It’s been a good month, I’m looking forward to the next four years.

What would you say to anyone starting a career in technology?

Don’t assume you know anything, there is constant learning, as it is an industry that continues to evolve. You could study your whole life and never get to end of it! But that’s part of the appeal.

Darren Kirkpatrick, Systems Admin Apprentice

What first got you interested in technology?

Since school I have always enjoyed computers and technology.

Can you explain your apprentice scheme?

I was at Glasgow Caledonian University for two years but I dropped out.  After the pandemic I wanted to get back into the sector. Through QA the digital education and skills provider company they are able to set you up with an apprenticeship whilst working towards getting a qualification which in my case is an IT Professional. I have two weeks of compulsory training with QA coming up and then beyond that I will meet with my assessor to discuss my progress every five weeks and will be assessed every ten weeks to work towards my SQF Level 8 in IT. It should take around two years but is dependent on your performance.

Would you recommend this route to people considering technology?

Yeah, it was a really quick process from first getting in touch with QA to getting an interview with Pulsion to then ultimately starting the apprenticeship.

What would you say to anyone starting a career in technology?

Be a sponge and take in as much as you can. There’s a lot to learn so don’t jump ahead and assume you know everything.

This reflects the positive experiences curated with Pulsion for these young apprentices and Derek Adams, Head of Software Development and Project Delivery shared his thoughts on working with apprentices and why we’re dedicated to adding talent to our team with this route:

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