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Want to get your head round all the software roles? Looking to start your career but not sure what you would like? Our guide takes you through all the roles available at Pulsion so you can get to grips with everything software development.

Software Development Roles

We’ll start with Developer. Work in this role is very varied, one day you could be coding a new content management system (CMS), the next you are working on a customer relationship management (CRM) system or some custom software development. You will need to know various tech coding languages, as you will in the majority of these roles, to create solutions for clients.

System Administrators focus on the ongoing support and maintenance of IT services, working to optimise their performance with a particular focus on multi-user systems such as servers.

For a role with a more holistic view of client projects, look to DevOps Engineers. Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of solutions, DevOps (standing for development operations) engineers work to improve the business’ ability to create and deliver solutions faster.

While being a problem solver is important for all software roles, Testers need to be particularly diligent to all the issues that could be thrown up, hunting down problems and coming up with solutions.

For those with an interest in art and design, the role of Designer may be the most attractive. Working on user experience (UX) design, designing & building websites and creating graphics, the work of Designers is varied and involves working with clients and Developers to understand requirements and create solutions.

If working on and creating mobile apps is more your style, then the role of Mobile Developer may be of interest. Mobile Developers work to create unique and functional mobile applications for clients, producing solutions that users can access and have on them at all times.

Career Path

Your career in tech could follow multiple trajectories, but a simple path could be the following:

  • Start as a Graduate Developer Apprentice, undertaking lots of training to learn a good basis in tech
  • Move on to Graduate Developer once you’ve got the basics down and continue your focus on learning
  • Gain even more responsibilities in projects as a Junior Developer
  • Keep working upwards as you become a full-blown Developer, working hard on projects to create successful outcomes
  • Move on to becoming a Senior Developer, with high levels of responsibility for project success and working as technical lead on projects

Want to work in tech but not as a developer? There’s always other roles in software development businesses such as project management, marketing and finance.

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