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The Benefits of Working with a Custom Website Designer

There are many templates or drag-and-drop website builder platforms out there to help beginners create a simple website. But for a truly unique site you can turn to custom website designer.

Design and Development Expertise

Every website designer is different and so their expertise will vary. They may have a specific degree or qualification in design, or they have built their expertise through experience. Either way, by engaging their skills in your project you are benefitting from their design expertise. Similarly, you can benefit from the development expertise of a website developer.

Web design and development are different disciplines which are closely related. Read our blog The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development to learn more.

In many cases the web designer and web developer may be the same person with both skill sets. This streamlines the process as they know both how the website should look from an aesthetic perspective as well as how to make the design a reality. Alternatively, if you are working with a development company, they will likely have all the expertise you require but potentially it will be split amongst two or more designers and developers.


Custom website designers have experience in building and designing other websites which they can bring to your project. There may be issues they come up against which they can resolve based on their knowledge and experience. They can draw learning from other projects and use this to inform their designs, page layouts and site structure.
Experience cannot be gathered quickly. Only by working on multiple projects with varying requirements can a web designer build up their experience that they can then bring to you project.


If you are looking to create a fresh new website, custom web design might be the way forward for you. Leverage the expertise and experience of a custom website designer to create a unique website for your business.

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  • Andrew Christian

    Andrew is a Senior Digital Designer at Pulsion. Graduating from university with a BA in Applied Graphics Technology, he has over 14 years experience in the design industry. He is responsible for the UI and UX design of a wide range of client web and mobile applications. Andrew takes the leading role in running client UI and UX discovery sessions as well as providing design support to the development team during the app development process. His other design skills also include: website design and development, prototyping, graphic design, branding, animation and video editing.

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