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40+ Types of Software Development Explained

With a surge in growth, the array of different types of software projects being built is staggering.

Understanding the software development types available before determining which would suit your business logic, needs, and objectives is crucial.

The software development industry forms a huge chunk of today’s global market. Statista shows that the worldwide revenue for software development stands at £5.45 billion in 2024.

Software system development on various devices and clouds offers companies the opportunity to reach more users worldwide.

Let’s broaden your knowledge of common types and services designers can target for a specific purpose to meet your business objectives.

Knowing Software Development Basics

Software development is integral to most operating systems, programming tasks, mobile applications, statistical analysis, electrical systems, frameworks, performance tests, and hardware technologies.

Before diving into the many different software project types, let’s understand software development basics.

The Implementation of Software Development in Today’s World

Statista shows that the worldwide revenue for software development stands at £5.45 billion in 2024. However, the worldwide software development revenue is estimated at £67 billion for 2028!

Meanwhile, Statista shows that 83% of developers use AI tools to write software code, while JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python remain the most used programming languages.

Additionally, 87% of mobile software solutions are built on Android and 58% on iOS. Ultimately, the statistics show a broad range of software solutions or applications occurring worldwide.

Software development impacts every part of our world, including communication and work processes, productivity, customer relations, workplace automation, and even global shopping.

Application or system development drives innovation, efficiency, and competition while acting as the backbone of the modern world.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The development process has a life cycle that outlines the software development process. All types of developing processes go through the eight lice cycle phases to ensure a high-level end product.

Learn more about our software development life cycle (SDLC) today.

Software Development Life Cycle

Key Roles in Software Development

Four key or umbrella software development types exist, including system software development, web development, mobile app development, and video game development.

The many types of development projects coming will fall under these umbrella projects. However, different projects have key roles, including API developers, backend developers, and DevOps engineers.

The table below shows the primary types of software development and the job title likely to work on them.

Outsourcing to a Trusted Software Development Partner

Working with a trusted software development company means you have access to multiple types of projects with dedicated team members with experience and specialist skills. 

We have dedicated developers skilled as mobile developers, including ReactJS developers. Our team also includes skilled software engineers and API developers.

We have web developers, database developers, machine learning developers, and even microservice developers. Learn more about us or speak to our digital strategy consultants about your needs.

Furthermore, look at our top clients to see how we develop multiple software types.


Pulsion Technology Software Development Clients


Waste no more time to learn about developers and development types. Contact us today!

Different Types of Software Development Projects

Various types of software development projects are available at software development companies. Each type fits into one of the four primary development projects, including system software, web, mobile, or video games. Let’s discover the software development types you may need for an upcoming project.

API Development

API development environments let developers design software with fewer boundaries. An API developer uses an application programming interfaces (API) integration to liaise between software.

An integrated development environment lets software communicate or interact with other applications and programs like users interact with software. Also, API or integrated development environments fall under all main types.

Application Development

Application development is another multiple platforms and software types version. Mobile and website development by a mobile or web developer falls under this project category.

Application style development creates computer systems or a program collection that performs a task to achieve a business objective. It has developers gather requirements, use prototyping, coding, test the application, and launch it.

The same principles apply to these application development types:

  • Low-code application development

  • Mobile application development

  • Rapid application development

  • Web application development

Back-End Development

Developing software applications requires backend development, a part of all major types. Backend developers design and code the server-side technology stack for developing software. The server carries all the technology you can’t see on the front end.

Backend development or server-side development links technology stacks to remote servers you can’t see. Back-end development involves creating databases, backend behaviour, and internal structures. Some technologies used by back-end developers include Java, Python, and Django.

Cloud Computing Development

Cloud computing development involves creating software on the Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud platforms. Cloud developers work closely with your company in cloud development.

Our cloud developers originate from an AWS partner and Azure partner company in Scotland. Read about our cloud migration services to know what to expect from your software developer.

Otherwise, read our article, What is Cloud Migration Strategy, to understand the process.

Complete System Software Development

System software developers can develop an entire system, an umbrella type while being a sub-type. These developers have the following skillsets:

  • Software integration with underlying hardware

  • System development to control and manage computers

  • Device driver and utility program development

  • Complex task fulfillment, including memory management and process scheduling

  • Meticulous tests and debugging

  • Provide quality assurance for the system’s software

Read more about QA in our Quality Assurance Software Testing blog post.

Database Development

Database development falls under most umbrella types and has different kinds within the development subtype. For example, relational databases and NoSQL databases exist.

Database developers design relational databases with SQL databases to store data in tables with well-defined relationships. Data consistency and accuracy are essential in this kind.

On the other hand, developers design NoSQL databases for flexible, unstructured, or semi-structured database storage capacity and management. An example of a NoSQL database is Cassandra.

Finally, a big data developer designs big data databases for large-scale data storage and capacity. This kind can handle massive data volumes and use real-time analytics and data-driven insights.

Data Science

Data scientists write small to large software programs intended to analyse data. Data science is a specialist study field between popular programming languages and frameworks and data analysis.

Data scientists only write software programs to analyse data structures within a database. Data science in financial industries protects clients from fraud. In a sense, it’s a security software form.

Desktop Development

Desktop developers specialise in desktop application development, typically under system and web development. Desktop applications may include operating systems, software tools, and web browsers.

These developers may use low-level languages or popular languages like C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code Windows or Linux operating systems or a custom computer program.

DevOps Engineering

DevOps engineering can apply to any type of software process because it’s a similar style to the Agile model. DevOps is a set of practices and techniques project management uses to guide development and deployment.

Specialist engineers working in DevOps development must-have programming, QA testing, and scripting for creating high-quality software, including knowledge of languages like Python, Java, PHP, and HTML. DevOps engineering benefits include that QA remains a priority, even after deployment.

Embedded Systems Development

Embedded systems development is the systems or computer programs within a larger mechanical device. For example, embedded systems define how digital cameras store photos as a dedicated function if that helps you grasp a better sense of embedded solutions.

Embedded software is found in mobile phones, including Android and iOS. Either iOS has Siri, an embedded artificial intelligence model, or Android has Amazon Alexa, another embedded AI tool. The creation of navigation in smartphones and tablets also defines embedded software.

Frontend Development

Frontend development includes all the kinds of software development you interact with on the application or desktop end. The software type also applies to every primary kind. Frontend developers are also user experience developers and user interface developers.

Front-end development is when front-end developers use tech stacks, functions, and tools to create a smooth user experience on mobile devices or desktop applications. These developers use technology like Java, React, Flutter, CSS, Gatsby, and React Native.

Full-Stack Development

Full stack development defines user-side development and server-side development combined to ensure user-friendly software that meets user needs. End users also have reliability from the server side.

Full-stack developers are centered around users, guaranteeing the technologies used will satisfy users. Full-stack development is a highly demanded skill set.

However, using front and back-end developers who collaborate on prime web technologies can also accomplish optimal full-stack development. The same applies to mobile technologies.

Mobile Development

Mobile developers fall under the umbrella of mobile development. However, various kinds of mobile apps exist, and mobile developers have different skills, with some specialising in multiple platforms.

Mobile apps also require different scripting languages. Android app development may use Kotlin or Java, while Apple app development requires Swift or Objective C programmable languages.

Alternatively, hybrid or cross-platform development that works on different devices requires more dedicated developers. Our mobile app development company services include custom development for cross-platform or hybrid solutions, native apps, or other platforms.

Our app developers are only part of what we offer. We also offer multi-platform compatibility if that’s what you seek. Also, we optimise screen sizes for specific platforms.

Coding, designing, maintenance, and Agile methodology are part of what our professionals offer. The type of development, range, functionality, operations, and ideas could change our methods.

Some common types of mobile development services we specialise in include:

Read more about mobile applications in our blog, How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in the UK?

Good Read Software Development Cost: How Much Does It Cost to Develop Software?

Net Framework Development

Networks for developers to access tools, extensive libraries, and the most common programming languages and frameworks aren’t the kind of software companies develop unless you’re an early software development startup. In that case, net frameworks development is ideal for your business.

Meanwhile, frameworks can be cloud-based without requiring physical infrastructure. Net frameworks can help students gain valuable insights, even from personal computers. The key features could even be available on mobile platforms. Creating systems for startups is our proud service.

Security Software Development

Security software development is vastly becoming one of the major development types necessary in today’s hacker realm. Sometimes, ethical hackers use penetration testing or intrusion detection systems as instrumental steps toward protecting data in businesses.

This type of development is one of the most popular types and could determine your idea’s success. Security testing is integral to businesses protecting user data, too. Security software developers test the security of software, especially in mobile, web, and system software development.

Security developers protect computer systems against security vulnerabilities. Security tests occur in operating system development for Linux and Windows, computer science, and enterprise software solutions. Your software solution needs this type of software development.

Ultimately, those working in security software development include ethical hackers, penetration testers, and security developers. Cybersecurity development and tests are critical in development to protect software from threats and vulnerabilities.

Software Tools Development

Software tools development includes developing various tools for a system, web, or app, with various programming languages and frameworks. Software tools include computer programming.

An example of a software tool is the computer program a developer codes to create, debug, and maintain other software code. It’s a tool to provide system or software stability.

Software tools in software systems could also include integrated development environments (IDEs), code editors, or version control systems (VCSs). A VCS tool allows developers to collaborate.

UX/UI Development

UX developers focus on trend techniques to improve the UX on software, websites, mobile apps, and games. On the other hand, UI developers focus on how the software responds to user interactions on websites, smartphones, or other devices.

A UI or UX developer typically works on all projects, including web, system, mobile, and gaming. Creating UX and UI to meet user expectations and project requirements for your next project is the goal. Product managers often review the final product, and user tests follow.

Video Game Development

Game application development includes simple mobile games, PC games, and complex online game mechanics. Creating games requires soft skills for a specific platform. Video game developers have a unique technical expertise and often use a programming language like Python or C++.

Game developers also commonly use game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity or art software like 3Ds Max and Blender. These developers design all the animations, sound effects, and modelling with game technologies from technical requirements other developers don’t often engage.

Web Application Development

Web applications are one of the most common types under the primary categories. It follows the same outline and priorities as other application development. Web apps development defines the creation of website software that runs on web browsers and other programs.

Web developers design websites and applications that let users enjoy browsers from your software program. You can access the software from any device with an internet connection, resulting in cost savings for teams on the go.

It’s an integrated software solution using programming languages like Python and JavaScript, the two go-to language codes. Still, some developers use low-level alternatives for building different applications in development.

Web Page Development

Website page development falls into the system software and web development categories. A web developer uses languages like HTML, JavaScript, and Python to write code for client websites. Coding in Python or JavaScript is a popular choice.

Web developers also use frameworks like Angular or React to create content management systems (CMS) and interactive elements on websites. Meanwhile, developers focus on user experience and search engine optimisation (SEO) with website page development.

Developers use planning strategies to outline and analyse familiar pages and algorithms to develop optimal and competitive pages for better marketing. A common type of software for websites our developers design includes e-commerce.

WordPress Development

WordPress developers use plug-in tools to help keep your website updated more easily. WordPress developers typically work on web and system software to ensure yours remains current.

These developers use pre-built templates and plugins to customise websites. Other tools include Joomla or Drupal, which is a type of software development that can simplify programming tasks.

Types of Software Development Summary

Use Table 2 as a summary of the below to capture keywords again.

Software Development Project Types This text is another tabular representation, similar to the previous one, but this time it relates to various types of projects within the software development sector. The categories listed across the top are System Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Video Game Development. Various projects, such as API Development, Android Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, etc., are listed down the left column. The 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' entries indicate whether the project type is typically associated with the corresponding field of software development. For instance, API Development is applicable to all four fields: System Software, Web, Mobile App, and Video Game Development. Android Game Development is only applicable to Mobile App and Video Game Development. In contrast, Artificial Intelligence is relevant to System Software, Web, and Mobile App Development but not typically associated with Video Game Development. This chart is useful for quickly understanding which project types are relevant in different domains of software development.


Summing Up Types of Software Development

Knowing the different types of software development available may require expertise, but having some foundation before reaching out to us will provide several benefits.

Building websites, writing code, software engineering, and managing specific functions throughout development are merely a few ways we can guide you further.

Developing any software to fit your budget, needs, objectives, or an existing system is a breeze for our skilled development team. Contact us today to discover how to develop your dream software.

Types of Software Development FAQs

How Many Categories of Software Development Exist?

Systems, web, mobile, and game development are the main categories. However, each type has multiple sub-categories, like back-end development, front-end development, software application development, and an embedded system for which source code becomes essential.

How Many Types of Software Development Exist?

Four primary types of software development exist, including systems software applications development, web development, mobile development, and game development. Desktop operating systems, front-end development, software applications, and complex programs are sub-types.

We recognize 43 software development sub-types, some including web applications, user interface, backend development, desktop applications, data science, cloud-based applications, software tools development, embedded systems, and cloud computing.

What Is an Example of a Software Development Type?

Let’s use a desktop operating system as a software development type example. Developers design Linux or Windows operating systems, test security features, develop software tools, integrate Native app development in hybrid applications, and welcome a full-stack developer for the tech stack.

The developer also has expertise in a programming language to write software code for the intended type of software development, implement the right software components, and integrate the application programming interface (API) to ensure the software interacts with others.

What Are the Salary Expectations of Developers?

The average salary expectations depend on specialist skills, seniority, and experience. A senior executive developer proficient in C-Suite and VP earns about £96,944 per year. It’s the highest-paying role because these developers manage various tasks with complex features.

Meanwhile, a machine learning specialist or data scientist earns about £62,794 per year, while a DevOps engineer earns about £62,669 per year. Finally, a frontend developer only earns roughly £46,885 per year. Software designed specifically for skilled projects has higher earning expectations.


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