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Why the Discovery Phase Is So Crucial

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The Issue

To deliver a successful project you need a solid plan. To have a solid plan you need thorough requirements. To have thorough requirements you need an in-depth Discovery Phase. A Discovery Phase is used to break down what your business wants to achieve and for the provider to learn what they need to about the business. They can then use this to come up with an approach of how to achieve this.

Requirements gathering can seem a pain, with the need to clarify more and more specific points as you develop the solution. But it is in the Discovery Phase that these requirements are set out. It is the basis of the project plan as without it the project will lack direction and may also miss crucial information or requirements that result in the failure of the project.

The very scary statistic about digital transformation projects is that 70% of such projects fail. This is an overwhelming amount of projects leading to wasted time, resources and man-power. It could also create discontent and frustration amongst the employees who completed the work or hoped for the successful changes. Equally, customers who had high expectations of changes that would improve a business’ products/services will be disappointed.

The Solution

The importance of the Discovery Phase cannot be overstated. Without a solid foundation, projects will flounder and often fail. Constructing a structured and thorough Discovery Phase so that you work through all aspects of the project, laying out the requirements and deciding how you are going to achieve your project goals should be your key focus at the start of any new project venture. Or, choose to work with an experienced provider such as Pulsion.

We have recently launched our Digital Strategy Consultation service where we will undertake a Discovery Phase with you. We’ll work with you to develop your requirements and create a plan of how to achieve your project goals. You can then either work with us to make the project a reality, or take it away to create yourself or with another provider. Check out this page to find out more.

  • Andrew Christian

    Andrew is a Senior Digital Designer at Pulsion. Graduating from university with a BA in Applied Graphics Technology, he has over 14 years experience in the design industry. He is responsible for the UI and UX design of a wide range of client web and mobile applications. Andrew takes the leading role in running client UI and UX discovery sessions as well as providing design support to the development team during the app development process. His other design skills also include: website design and development, prototyping, graphic design, branding, animation and video editing.

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