The Wise Group

25% reduction in travel and administrative tasks has a really positive impact


The Wise Group is a 3rd sector organisation / charity who deal with people with lived experience. For example, people in the criminal and community justice system as well as people looking to get back into work, people looking to get reskilled to get back into work and people who are living with fuel poverty.
Based in Glasgow with over 20 years experience in this area, The Wise Group work throughout Scotland and the North East of England.

The Brief

When The Wise Group approached Pulsion it was with the intention of building a system that would remove the need for the double entry of information which would in turn enable the team to spend more time in the community where they are needed the most.
In addition, an extension of that was to look at all other programmes utilised by The Wise Group with a view to merging them into a single CRM system. Their current system was expensive to maintain and didn’t include all the functionality they required. The intention with the single system is to share information across different areas of the business to offer a more holistic service to clients.

The Solution

Pulsion analysed all areas of The Wise Group’s business and designed a solution that both cut down the administrative time of the double entry system and also provided a proposal on how to reach the goal of the single CRM for the business.
The solution is very much a bespoke system, involving use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and ICR which allows the team to continue to capture written information in areas where they can’t take any technology devices but character recognition allows for quick upload to the system afterwards so it removes the double entry issue. This has increased the efficiency of the team as they can now complete four or five calls without needing to return to the office. Hosting this CRM on the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS) also led to reduced costs and maintenance and increased reliability.
There is a cost benefit in that they don’t have travel costs and I would suggest we’re saving at least 25% in terms of admin and travel time which means we can see more and impact more of our client base with the same resource. So it’s got a really positive impact.

Wise Group and Pulsion

We spoke to Stuart McWhinnie, Business Transformation Director at the Wise Group, to give us an insight into the impact this project has had on their business. With a 25% reduction in administrative tasks and travel times, staff can spend more time with the people who need them most and that has a really positive impact for everyone. Watch the video learn more.

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