Improving efficiency in risk-assessment and compliance


Velappity is an end-to-end risk assessment and compliance software to improve the efficiency of assessment, monitoring and reporting

Project Value

One of the software applications Pulsion has developed for FieldImp is Velappity. Velappity is a risk assessment software solution for industries including legionella monitoring, fire safety, and other health and safety monitoring such as asbestos.

Project Description

The aim of Velappity is to eliminate paper risk assessments by creating an end-to-end system from on-site risk assessment and monitoring to reporting. Without Velappity, the usual method for inspections is a paper form filled out on site and then input into their company’s system at a later time, either by the inspector or by an administrator. This method has many areas for potential errors; forms damaged or mislaid, incomplete sections or hard to read notes. Velappity replaces such inefficient paper methods. The solution is comprised of three parts; forms, compliance and the client portal. Data is captured in the mobile app and automatically passes to the data management and reporting web application. Inspection fails are automatically identified and reported for additional inspection or recertification.

Project Successes

By using Velappity over the standard methods of risk assessments, reporting time can be reduced by up to 50%. On top of this time saving, clients can save on costs. To demonstrate this saving, we created a return on investment (ROI) calculator on the Velappity website. The user inputs their current time spent on writing up risk assessments, the daily cost of their risk assessor as well as the number of risk assessors and admin staff involved. The calculator compares these costs with the cost of Velappity, the output of which shows the time and cost that can be saved by using Velappity.

Clients create custom risk assessment forms in Velappity. These forms are accessible via mobile, meaning inspectors can complete their risk assessments in the field directly on the system. Data is updated in real time, improving the usability of information as it can be acted upon swiftly. With options to brand forms and reports, clients can have a consistent look across their documentation.

Velappity also has an integrated compliance module. This new compliance system has been developed over the last 2-3 years, enabling reliable, predictable and flexible compliance regimes. Multiple assets can be added to the system and managed via web and mobile. These assets can be subjected to inspection tests and the results recorded on Velappity, where information can be updated, non-compliance issues raised and reports generated. Clients have a full audit trail of their assets and greater management of compliance. Graphs, called ‘Asset Test History’, are an effective visual report feature that show the tests performed against an assert as well as the values recorded.

On the client portal, users can easily access reporting features while also seeing key information at a glance. Results, non-compliance and monitoring actions are all automatically updated following the completion of a risk assessment on mobile. This means that all information can be kept up-to-date and clients are easily able to access this information to take any actions required. Calendar view shows previous and scheduled jobs, so site visits are easily managed.

As the mobile app is used by inspectors in the field, an important consideration is the availability of an internet connection. As this connection cannot always be guaranteed, it was important to enable the app to work offline. Data is then synchronised when a connection is re-established.

While Velappity is currently available, development hasn’t stopped. We are working to include further features to improve user experience and functionality. Features currently in development include self-service and push notifications, and we are creating an entirely new Velappity web app using modern development frameworks.

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