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Staying competitive in today’s fast-changing, digitally fueled world is all about innovation. Little wonder almost two-thirds of companies have innovation in their top-three management priorities. The rewards can be impressive. Typically, between 2005-2020, small but highly innovative companies increased average revenue by over 170%. The importance of innovation has been heightened by COVID-19 as businesses have had to find new ways of collaborating and working more efficiently.

Until recently, small and medium sized businesses have been at an innovation disadvantage, being less resourced to fund the significant upfront investment that’s often required. Times have changed. Now Pulsion, along with Amazon Web Services, can give your business, whatever its size, affordable access to innovation via the cloud. In the process, we help you work more efficiently, serve customers better, and create opportunities to take the initiative in the markets you serve.

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How innovation could be working for you

Companies embracing innovation are benefiting in a number of areas:

Customer responsiveness – Innovative businesses are identifying and quickly responding to customer needs that are constantly changing thanks to the availability of information and exchange of ideas, especially on social media

Digital transformation – Innovators are taking advantage of digital technologies to develop new services and business models, as well as driving efficiency and savings through automation

Service offerings – Fast moving businesses are growing by pivoting away from ‘products’ and embracing today’s ‘on-demand, everything-as-a-service’ economy

COVID-19 adaptation – The pandemic has created many challenges but it has also created a valuable learning ground for smart businesses, growing their ability to adapt to the dramatic changes and new ways of working that are likely to characterise the ‘new normal’

Resilience – Innovators are responding to the uncertain economic and political outlook by using technology to build greater business resilience, efficiency and agility. Digitising core business operations and/or process is the #1 business model change prioritised by CEOs in response to COVID-19

The opportunities for cloud-enabled innovation

Big businesses don’t have a monopoly on ideas and creativity. But they do have pockets deep enough to afford breakthrough technologies or to fund extra IT infrastructure – investments that used to come with large price tags.

That’s why bigger players have often been the first to realise the benefits of innovation, whether it’s restructuring a business process or deploying a new technology. For example, 45% of respondents from large companies (1,000+ employees) said they adopted AI, dropping to 29% of small and medium sized businesses (under 1,000 employees). By making technology more easily accessible and more affordable, the cloud puts innovation within the reach of every business, whatever its size.

With the cloud, any business can:

  • Deploy infrastructure for new projects quickly, because there’s no big upfront capex investment required
  • Access cutting-edge technologies such as AI, analytics, or machine learning (ML) at a cost it can manage
  • Avoid onerous long-term commitments like licences or long-term contracts. So if a new project doesn’t work out, you don’t have unused servers or software sitting idle and soaking up valuable budget

The cloud could help you explore a raft of exciting innovations without over-reaching yourselves financially.

  • Sophisticated technologies such as analytics and ML could help you derive new customer insights and power more personalised customer experiences
  • Pay-as-you-go deployment of additional infrastructure capacity could make it feasible to experiment with new customer-facing applications or services
  • Emerging technologies such as IoT or AI could let you automate existing business processes and improve operational efficiency

AWS Cloud makes innovation achievable

If you’re excited by the cloud’s potential to unleash innovation in your business, there’s good reason to start by talking with us. Along with extensive experience helping many small and medium sized businesses innovate in the cloud, Pulsion offers the benefits of a partnership with SMBs’ most-preferred public cloud provider – AWS. With 175+ individual services, AWS offers unmatched support for whatever you want to achieve with the cloud. That includes many innovative offerings in areas such as AI, IoT, analytics and machine learning.

If you’re looking for reliable cloud solutions to help your business innovate, we’d be happy to chat with you. We offer a 30-minute free consultation where we can discuss your business requirements and the different cloud solutions available to you.

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