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AWS Vs Azure

If you are undertaking a cloud project or cloud migration then the main decision you will have to make is what cloud platform to use. There are multiple cloud platforms available, but the market leaders are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. In the Q1 of 2022 AWS had a 33% share of the cloud infrastructure market while Microsoft had 22% (AAG, 2023). With the majority of the market between them, this blog will explore AWS vs Azure.

What are AWS and Azure?


AWS is Amazon’s cloud offering launched in 2002. It is a collection of cloud products including data storage, website hosting and machine learning.

For more info about AWS, take a look at our Quick Guide to AWS and our blog on The Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner.


In 2010 Microsoft launched Azure. Azure is also a cloud computing platform offering storage, compute and development services similar to AWS.

For more info about Azure, we have a blog on What is Azure Serverless.

Key Differences

AWSAzureInfo Source
Charges pay-as-you-go by hourCharges pay-as-you-go by minuteJha, 2023
Does not accept private/third-party cloud providersAccepts hybrid cloud systemsJha, 2023
High level of encryptionLower level of encryptionLakhbir, 2023
More user friendly and open-sourceWorking to become more user friendly and open-sourceLakhbir, 2023
Has a software marketplaceAlso has a software marketplace but it is limited due to having few Linux optionsTaylor, 2023
Compatible with Linux and AWS provides integrations for open-source applicationsAzure is not yet at the same level as AWS for open-source applicationsBasuMallick, 2022
Offers long term data archiving and retrievalDoes not offer long term data archiving and retrievalTaylor, 2023
For Machine Learning Modelling, SageMaker offers flexibility and freedomML Studio focuses on codeless Machine Learning Modelling with drag-and-drop elementsBasuMallick, 2022

Other Cloud Options

AWS and Azure, while market leaders, are not the only cloud options. Other options include Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and CloudLinux. All the cloud options have varying specialties and offerings. CloudLinux for example is a different from the other examples as it is a cloud platform for setting up your own infrastructure rather than using the infrastructure of the cloud service provider.


There is not a clear winner in AWS vs Azure. The cloud platforms have different strengths and the choice between them depends on your individual needs. This is not a choice that we can offer an opinion on in this blog. If you would like to discuss your cloud options for your project, then please contact us.

Learn more about cloud migration in our blog on The History of Cloud Migration.

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