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The Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner

What is an AWS Partner?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is Amazon’s cloud computing platform with over 200 products and services. These include computing, storage, mobile, machine learning, database and networking services. To simplify the process for businesses looking to migrate to or set up on the cloud, there is the AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN consists of AWS Partners who have been approved by AWS. There are criteria that businesses must meet to become a Partner, and by meeting these requirements, they demonstrate their expertise in AWS functionality. For more information on AWS, check out our Quick Guide to AWS blog.

The Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner

Working with a Partner in APN brings benefits to your project. These benefits include:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Relationship with AWS


AWS Partners have expertise in the capabilities of AWS. They know what can be done with AWS and how to do it. There are different types of AWS Partner, this is called the AWS Partner Paths. These paths are Software, Hardware, Services, Training and Distribution. If you are looking for a software development company to migrate or build your system on the cloud, then you are looking for a Services Path AWS Partner.


Not only do AWS Partners have expertise in AWS, but they also have experience delivering projects in AWS. By continuously building and maintaining solutions on AWS, Partners are constantly building upon their own experience to improve their capabilities.


As mentioned previously, software companies must apply to become an AWS Partner and meet certain criteria. A company that is part of the APN has demonstrated to Amazon their experience and skills delivering projects with AWS. Having achieved membership to the APN is proof of the company’s abilities and experience.

Relationship with AWS

Being an AWS Partner means the software company has a closer relationship with AWS than other software companies. They also have access to training and certifications to strengthen their AWS knowledge.

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Working with an AWS Partner offers your business and project the benefits of a software development company that is experienced and skilled using AWS products and has a relationship with AWS. You should feel confident that your provider builds and maintains your system with a thorough understanding of the capabilities and configuration of AWS. Working with an AWS Partner should ensure this as you are working with a software company that has met criteria as set by AWS.

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