Cloud Migration

How to Avoid Cloud Migration Failure

When undertaking cloud migration, you may be concerned about the success of the migration. In this blog we outline how you can avoid cloud migration failure.

Why Cloud Migration is the Right Move

Before beginning the process of cloud migration, it is first important to determine if cloud migration is the right move to make.

To help you decide, read our blog Why Migrate to The Cloud? Top 5 Reasons for Cloud Migration.

Plan Your Cloud Migration

As the saying goes; fail to plan, plan to fail. Once you have determined that cloud migration is the right move for you, you should move on to planning. First you should analyse your current infrastructure and determine your requirements. Then review the cloud platforms available, comparing their capabilities and costs. Our blog AWS Vs Azure discusses some key differences between the market leading cloud platforms.

Build a roadmap of your migration with the actions you need to take and the timeline you will follow.

Ready Your Team

With change an important step is always how this is communicated to your team. To avoid confusion and improve employee buy-in, open communication is a priority – giving employees the chance to discuss the change, their needs and space to ask questions. Training on how to use the new cloud system may also be required. New policies on security, access, compliance, etc. will also likely be required.

Start the Migration

Once your plan is in place and the stakeholders on board, you can start your migration. By moving components across in stages rather than all at once you can work first with less critical components then move on to larger/critical components.

Once you are fully migrated, regular reviews, updates and maintenance of your system will be required.

Engage With a Cloud Migration Expert

To ensure a successful cloud migration, you should consider engaging with a company experienced in cloud migration. Cloud infrastructure is complicated, with needs being individual to businesses. A cloud migration expert can help you navigate this to create a well-structured, effective and cost efficient system to avoid cloud migration failure.


If you are considering migration and are looking for a partner to work with then contact us to discuss your project.

If you have already undertaken cloud migration but are looking to save on costs, read our blog on How To Reduce Cloud Hosting Costs.

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