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How to Choose a Software Development Company

One of the best ways to increase productivity and maximise the use of resources for your organisation is with custom software. However, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose the right software development company for your business. It is estimated there are 94,064 software development companies in the UK. Although there are many organisations that create custom software, not all of them have the same service standards. In fact, if you’re not careful enough while selecting it, the bespoke software development business may end up being the biggest obstacle in your software project. It is important to carry out thorough research. This blog will help highlight several factors which should be taken into consideration when choosing to work with a software development company.


  1. Accreditations
  2. Location
  3. Delivery Experience
  4. Culture
  5. Communication Style
  6. Team Dynamics
  7. After Development Support
  8. Conclusion


The top businesses in the software development sector always advance and make an effort to keep up with emerging technologies. Companies that adhere to the most recent trends and technologies in software development are those with whom you are most likely to have successful collaborations. In particular accredited companies have been tested and certified by examination or auditing to ensure they meet a minimum base standard of competence.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the current technologies which you may want to use in your project and whether the software development company you are using specialise in technology areas such as Cloud Migration, AI & Machine Learning and Mobile App Development.

With businesses moving towards operating fully online, Cloud Migration has become increasingly important. Organizations are released from the limitations of on-premise infrastructure thanks to cloud migration, which speeds up company operations. Important accreditations to keep an eye out for in terms of Cloud Migration are from the two most popular providers;  Amazon Web Services Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner.

A more general but equally important accreditations to look out for when choosing a software development company are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. These standards ensure written procedures and processes are in place to ensure a consistent standard of delivery of your project and that controls are in place for areas such as data security.


Another significant factor when considering a software development company for your business is the location. Software development can be done from anywhere and often businesses outsource to completely different continents. However, ideally, you want to be based in the same country as your developers. Pulsion is a software development company in Scotland therefore, we primarily work with UK and European clients.

One of the main benefits of being based in the same country as your software developer is you will be working in the same time-zone which allows the most effective communication and collaboration. Similarly, it will be a lot easier if you speak the same language. A language barrier can create a wealth of problems in an area which can already be quite hard to understand one another.

Delivery Experience

One of the most crucial components of software development, is experience. Therefore, as a client actively looking for an outsourcing partner, it is your responsibility to gather all the relevant data regarding their prior industry experience.

Previous experience will demonstrate how well-suited the suggested company is to meet your needs. Be mindful that a long history in the industry does not always translate into better services. Large organisations frequently have multiple levels of management, which can cause misunderstandings and make your collaboration more difficult than it needs to be. As a result, pick businesses that have a lot of expertise in the areas that are important to your business.

Examine a handful of the earlier works to get a sense of the kinds of software the developers have created. Take your software project’s size into account. Taking references is also a good idea.


The software development business you hire will function as an extension of your own staff and thus must fit in seamlessly with your organization’s culture, which can frequently be ignored.

Finding people who are excellent at what they do and who have the same values as your company’s employees is crucial in this situation. After only a few minutes of talking with them, you ought to be able to figure this out. Do they share similar values? Any personalities on either side that might clash?

This is why meeting in-person can be effective to get a better gauge of the culture.

Communication Style

The process of developing software is complicated. Every stage of the process, from identifying requirements to figuring out stakeholders’ and users’ comments, will be challenging due to communication issues.

The foundation of a successful working relationship and a high-quality software product is effective communication. Discussion, sharing, and clarification of various concepts are always beneficial during the development process. You can be sure that the development team and you are always communicating clearly in this way.

Pay close attention to how the team interacts during the initial phone or video calls as well as via email. This should help you determine whether their communication style matches your preferences.

Within custom software development the biggest risk to any project is poor requirements definition. Many non-professionals specifying business requirements for a bespoke software development do not specify requirements in enough detail. 70% of project failures are due to requirements so this is an area in which to make sure you have crystal clear communication.

At Pulsion Technology, we have recently developed our new product, Requiment. We recognised  an issue which often occurs in the early stages of software development where communication surrounding the requirements gathering process can be poor and details are missed. Requiment guides you through prepared questions to determine a full and detailed requirement specification and project scope based on outcomes . This application which will act a virtual business analyst. Guiding the users through the requirements process, whilst providing insight and recommendations to the user based on the type of application being designed as well as trends from other users. Ultimately, our mission with Requiment is to make the process of software requirements capture more accurate, agile and efficient leading to more successful projects.

Team Dynamics

It’s critical to comprehend a company’s organisational structure and the dynamics of its development team. You need to understand how a business is structured, what functions various team members play, and how they collaborate.

Avoid working with firms that don’t have a structured team for custom software development. Roles within an organisation will function more effectively when they are properly defined. It all comes down to avoiding any extra overhead that may result from a disjointed team.

After Development Support

With the software development company, go over the post-development support services. Verify their commitment to offering software configuration, orientation, customisation, maintenance, and backup services by having it in writing. Some custom software development companies make most of their money by just providing resources. Most of their income comes from the large development phase so they can be unresponsive or have no one available when a minor bug has to be fixed six months after release.

At Pulsion we offer several post-production and handover support provided by our customer service team.


Every software development firm is slightly unique. Finding a team that is a suitable fit for your custom software development project is what matters most. You should take into account the team’s cultural makeup in addition to its technical skill sets. Spend some time contrasting and weighing your possibilities.

Learn more about the digital transformation solutions provided at Pulsion. Our team has extensive experience in cloud migration, custom software development, mobile app development and artificial intelligence solutions. This ensures we are perfectly placed to understand your project and offer the most appropriate solution. Partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft ensures we are able to offer the best technology solution for your needs. If you would be interested in receiving additional information about our products and services or would like to set up a call to further discussions, please let us know.

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