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Why Choose Bespoke Software Development

When it comes time for a new system such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, case management system or website to name a few, the choice between bespoke software or an off-the-shelf solution can be difficult to make. If you have decided it is time for digital transformation (our blog When Is the Right Time for Digital Transformation? can help with that) then you can now consider why you should choose bespoke software development.

There are several reasons to choose bespoke software development:

  • Control of development
  • Cut out unnecessary features
  • Exactly meet your needs

Control of Development

By undertaking bespoke software development, you are involved throughout the development process. From the Discovery Phase to understand your requirements, to the testing throughout development, to final testing for deployment, client involvement throughout is desired by software development companies. Whether development is to be agile or waterfall (Waterfall or Agile? Which is Best for Software Development Process?), as the client you should be involved throughout all stages to provide feedback. This is particularly true in agile development where clients test components at the end of each sprint which helps inform further development sprints and uncover any adjustments that are required.

Cut Out Unnecessary Features

An off-the-shelf solution may have features which are superfluous to your needs. These may be an issue if they are distracting, cause confusion or are otherwise a hindrance to your work. By choosing bespoke software development, your system contains only the features you desire for a focused and streamlined solution.

Exactly Meet Your Needs

The main draw of bespoke software development is the unique system is being created to meet your business’ needs. Not only are unnecessary features which may exist in comparable off-the-shelf solutions not included from the outset, but the features included are based on what you want. In the Discovery Phase, your requirements are discussed in depth to understand how best to address them. By understanding your business, your requirements and your stakeholders, your solution is designed to suit your individual business.


In short, the choice between bespoke software development or off-the-shelf will come down to your needs, budget and timescale. But choosing bespoke software development may be the best option for a unique system designed around your business and its needs.

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