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What a Custom Software Development Company Does

When a business is looking to undertake digital transformation, what is often required is custom software development. Where an off-the-shelf software is a ready packaged solution to be incorporated into your system, custom software is the bespoke development of a solution to exactly meet your business’ needs. This means that it is tailored to your requirements, rather than having to be contorted to fit in the likely scenario an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t exactly meet your needs.

A custom software development company creates this software.

What Custom Software Development Companies Do

There is a variety of software that software development companies can specialise in. By limiting their specialisms, they can focus on specific skills and solution types to establish themselves as an expert in the area.  Alternatively, they can offer a broad range of software solutions. Offering a broad range means that they can better meet more market needs, as well as draw from various specialisms to deliver a solution. For example, if a client requires a web customer relationship management (CRM) system with integrated app, a software development company that specialises only in app development would not be able to deliver this. The client would require a company with a broader range of skills.

Software development companies could specialise in one or multiple of the following areas, or cover them all:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Video games
  • Security software
  • Databases
  • Cloud computing
  • Desktop software
  • Wearables software (e.g. smart watches, etc.)

Companies work with clients to develop a solution based on their requirements. Generally, this will have followed a discovery phase where the development company explores what the client company requires from their solution. Software development companies will have a variety of developers with a variety of skills. They should have a range of knowledge of programming languages, and be a mix of front end and back end developers so that they can deliver your complete solution.

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How a Custom Software Development Company Can Help You

It is this range of knowledge and specialisms that is the benefit of using a software development company. Developing in house will generally mean the skills and experience you can draw from is limited. With a software development company, you can choose to work with a team that specialises in what you want to create.

If you are looking for a software development company, then our blog post on how to choose a software development company can help. Forbes also have an article on the mistakes to avoid when hiring a software development team.


So, what does software development company do? Well, we do a lot. If you have a digital transformation need, a software development company can help you. If you want to know more about custom software development, then take a look at our blog – A Complete Guide to Custom Software Development.

At Pulsion we have experience delivering successful custom software development projects for our clients. Projects such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, apps, case management systems and online portals to name a few. Take a look at our case studies page for some real examples of our custom software development projects.

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