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Tips for Start-Ups When Considering Custom Software Development

Choosing custom software development over an off-the-shelf solution means that you will have software designed specifically to meet your needs. This can streamline your operations and ease your day-to-day work rather than struggling with one or a combination of ill-suited products. Start-ups are in the unique position of having little to no legacy systems or processes. As a start-up, you can build the way you want to work or the product you want to create with a fresh start. To help in your decision about custom software development, here are our tips for things you should consider.

Develop or Outsource

When considering custom software development for your business, one of the first decisions you will make is whether you will develop the software in-house or engage with a software development company. Check out this blog on app development for more info on the choice between in-house and outsourcing software development.

Experience, Skills and Trust

If you choose to engage a software development company, it is important that you feel confident in your choice of partner. Starting a business is a busy and often stressful time where many decisions need to be made and plans followed through. Because of this, trusting your software development partner – trusting their advice, experience, skills and reliability – is hugely important not only for the completion of the work, but for your peace of mind.

When choosing your software development company there are several things you should be able to easily look at on their website:

  • Client list
    • Who have they worked with, are there companies of similar size or industry to your own?
  • Case studies
    • What types of projects have they completed? Are they relevant to your needs?
  • References
    • What do their clients have to say about them?
  • Expertise
    • Is there any evidence of the company’s expertise? This could include blogs, videos, whitepapers or other website or socials content that demonstrates their knowledge
  • Area of software development
    • The company will likely have a list or pages that detail the areas of software development they specialise in. Take a look to make sure they are experienced in the technology you are interested in

There are also other aspects of the business to take into consideration to delve deeper before making your choice. Our blog covers How to Choose a Software Development Company.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Depending on the stage your start-up is at and the funds you have available, it may be advisable for you to start development for the minimum viable product (MVP) and then follow this with further development as appropriate. An MVP is the most basic version of your software. The software should be functional and serve your purpose, but you will likely be able to identify aspects that can wait for future development. By starting with an MVP rather than a complete piece of software you will be able to use your software sooner as it takes less development time. This also means that you can get a feel for the software, how it works and how you will use it before commencing further development.


If you want to read more about custom software development, we have several blogs you can take a look at. These include A Complete Guide to Custom Software Development and a What a Custom Software Development Company Does. For more, head over to our blog list.

Considering custom software development for your start-up? We can help! Our custom software development page has more details. If you are looking to undertake a project discovery, we have packages available.

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